January 1st, the day most of us set goals we hope to achieve before crawling back into bed after a late night of celebrating (also if you go shopping today, everyone in retail will hate you because who goes outside on New Year’s Day? We all deserve to be in bed!)

I’ve been deliberating my 2016 goals for a while now, going back and forth between the usual – get fit, do yoga every day, cook more – to the more general – be happier, detach yourself from the desk more – which led me to take pen to paper and just empty my mind on the page. What did I want to feel and achieve in 2016? How was I going to attempt these resolutions? Would they be realistic? Would they bring me satisfaction?

Surprisingly, my resolutions and dreams for 2016 were varied; some specific, some a part of a grander scheme, but each made sense and will hopefully lead to a successful 2016…

1. Accept every moment
Whether it makes me angry, frustrated, stressed, isn’t how I planned or was more than I expected, accept it has happened, and move on.

2. Create, create, and create some more
Whatever your craft is, if you love it you need to do it every day. Ever since I picked up Liz Gilbert’s ‘Big Magic‘ I’ve felt so energised doing what I love, and heck I can do it whenever and however I want as long as I love doing it!

3. Love your skin and be kind
After proclaiming 2015 to be my year of good skin, I broke out in acne. Ironic. I’ve been using different methods to get it back to good health and now I’m going to see through my year of good skin even if I have give myself a talking to in the mirror every day.

4. Get fit. Seriously.
I loved Yoga with Adrienne last year but I can sometimes lack motivation to commit. I’ve considered lots of options and hopefully I can find something and someone to whip me into shape so that I’m excited to wake up and, maybe, just maybe, even run.

5. Appreciate people more
I’m a people please, always have, always will, but I want to use that trait for good. Instead of feeling scared if people like me, I want to make them feel happy by reflecting why they make me happy. I tend to be picky with people too so allowing myself to trust all is well is going to be a big journey this year…

6. Take photographs every day
Lauren you’re a photographer, go outside and take photos of the peasant, take photos of your nail polish, take photos of the flowers in the kitchen, walk up the hill, GO EXPLORE and then share them on your blog and Instagram. Share the beauty in the world.

7. Use social media more…
Because it’s kinda key when growing your blog

8. …but know when to have a break
I can put so much off because I believe I need to be sat at my desk 9-5. Things are left forgotten, I’m stressed and I don’t get time to relax. PRIORITISE GIRL.

9. Listen
I’m stubborn, I’m impatient, I can get irritated, but I also understand why people ask things of you (thanks Philosophy and Ethics A-Level). Someone has an idea, take it on board – it’s not an attack on your work. Someone asks you to help out, step away from the computer or explain you need 5 minutes. Listen and take note of what others are asking from you.

10. Reply to at least 5 tweets/comments daily
I’m usually good at replying to comments but I sometimes end up favouriting tweets or sending short replies. Now I’m going to make an effort to respond and also reply selectively.

11. Cook or bake once a week
And not in a way that feel pressured to get it on the blog, purely because I want to sit down at 6pm with a delicious plate of summin’summin instead of ‘roast veg’ as I always do.

12. Embrace all opportunities
I’ll go onto this more below, but now that I have easier access to events, I want to make sure I embrace and say YES to things I couldn’t before. Not necessarily everything, but the events and opportunities that will further my knowledge, experience and happiness. Even if the opportunity is to go to a friends house and sit in pjs eating chocolate, because yes.

13. Step outside my comfort zone and embrace fear
Confession: I’ve turned down invites because I’m scared to be in parts of London after 7pm, in the dark. I know, it’s silly but it’s a fear born from somewhere. I’ve also turned down invites because it’s easier to stay at home and just think ideas in my head. No, this year I will embrace fear – I will drive when I can instead of struggling with awkward trains, I will go to events and plan to meet people before or after to feel comfortable, I will accept late nights and early mornings and stop my rule of ‘8 hours or more’ preventing me from experiencing life. We’re breaking free….

14. Be proud of every small step
10 followers in a week? Awesome! 2 events this month? HOORAY! Put makeup on? You’re obviously going outside and I know how rare that is 😉 WELL DONE.

15. Be happy
Moving honestly shifted so much inside me, I no longer feel a certain niggle in my chest, head and general attitude that I did two months ago. Now I want to make sure I see that happiness expand in 2016 beyond belief.

16. Share what you love
Got something cool in the post? Post it on Instagram. Saw a weird animal? Put it on Twitter, people love weird things. Saw something that reminded you of a friend? Text them!

17. See the world
My dream is to travel Europe and America whilst taking photos of people, architecture and culture, but first I need to actually leave the country. That being said, there are places in the UK I’m yet to explore so a few roadtrips may be on the cards…

18. Meet new people
I still have people I talk to every day that I haven’t met IRL, some who I admire from afar and think ‘we could be pals’ and even those who I haven’t crossed paths with yet. To make new friends and relationships with others is definitely top priority (I’m coming for you all).

19. Be emotional and raw
Okay, so I’m prone to crying in my videos and showing my bare blemished face, but I believe honesty is the best policy even if I’m feeling poop about it all. That being said, I promise to be totally honest and upfront about my thoughts and feelings. When I can, because I get scared of opinions.

20. Find hope and joy
To grow and be happy, we must find joy in the small and simple things, be true to ourselves and to others. We cannot grow without hoping there is more to come.

21. Attend more YouTube based events and workshops
I really want to make the most of my channel this year, and learn more about the business and tech aspects behind the platform. I also want to meet fellow YouTubers I watch, because you’re all fabulous.

22. Grow
Whilst I may never get past 5ft3, I want to grow in other aspects: knowledge, intellect, awareness, happiness, success, inspiration, creativity, skill, strength, ability, opportunity, and even my hair because I haven’t had long hair since I was 16 and I’m ready to be a unicorn now thanks.

22 resolutions for the year I turn 22, funny ey? Varied but all valid and hopefully achievable, so I ask you – what are your 2016 goals?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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