Fashion is a funny thing with me; I love catching up on Fashion Week, fawning over pretty dress and shoes, but I just don’t really do much with it – most of the time I’m in loungewear with a nice jumper, more likely than not layering two thermals underneath whilst trying to feel pretty yet comfortable.

When it came to sorting out my wardrobe for moving and the new season, I was very cut-throat – things that were old or I had bought as filler items, not fab quality or just seriously needed a new home went, and I kept sending things to charity until I was left with a very capsule wardrobe to which I believe I could simplify down more as, let’s be honest, I’m not wearing a skirt this season, it’s cold, I need thermals and jeans and more thermals.

However, I thought it would be fun to try and switch up the content on my channel, try something new and that I’ve always wanted to do – a lookbook. The swish editing of Lily and Anna always has me thinking ‘damn I want to do that’ so I gave it a shot – thank you to all the space in my room, I could happily dance along to T-Swift whilst getting overheated in 7 jumpers. Yes, 7.

I’ve invested a lot recently in good quality jeans and jumpers, because they’ll last well into late spring and even resurface next winter too which I think is what you need to think about when purchasing clothes. Staple items that will last year after year with a few trend updates here and there. Of course, there is a strong amount of blue, don’t you worry, and there’s also some dreamy accessories that have got me walking tall and feeling even more blue (in a good way)

SO what do we think of the lookbook? If you did enjoy this style of video and editing, give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment telling me what you’ve purchased this season, and also SUBSCRIBE for twice weekly videos on Tuesday and Saturday!

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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