What’s better than friends during the festive season? Friends who whisper festive things to each other and get them completely wrong, that’s what. This week is pretty much collab week on my channel, which is typical really seeing as I’ve never done a collab before and now I have two in one week!

Firstly is a collab with the wonderful Ally who is one of my besties and also the cause of many belly laughs in today’s video – The Festive Whisper Challenge! Personally I always end up cry laughing at these because nothing ever turns out right, misinterpretation at its best really and this challenge is nothing short of poor festive whispering and a lot of bickering to boot.

So get in the festive spirit, have a couple of laughs and feel frustrated as I miserably fail to whisper to say the right answer for many of these, and don’t forget to check out Ally’s video too for a Festive Would You Rather spectacular!

Give the video a thumbs up for collabs and festive fun, and leave me a comment telling me how excited you are for Christmas! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for new videos every Tuesday and Wednesday (and something special starting on Boxing Day……)

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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