Before we begin, MERRY CHRISTMAS again and I hope you all had a fabulous day, eating roasts and opening presents galore. I certainly enjoyed having a second dinner about two hours after lunch, because girl got a bit appetite for a roast dinner let me tell you. With that in mind, and the thought of you curled up on the sofa looking for something fun to watch, let’s discuss today’s videos shall we….

Firstly, I met up with my lovely pal April for a round-up of our Lifestyle Favourites of 2015, everything from food to music, TV to even the most adulting of moments – you can see our 5 Standout Beauty Products on her channel tomorrow so make sure you’ve subscribed to both of us to catch both our videos.

Today is also my first 12 Days of Vlogs which will be going live at 6pm (*ahem* if you subscribe it’ll go straight into your inbox for your enjoyment and ease *ahem*) I’m excited and nervous at how the next 12 days will go but hopefully you guys will enjoy the little insight into my life and daily routine – sometime I find fascination in the smallest of vlogger’s tasks so hopefully you will to, heck it may inspire me to do more!

Back to today’s video with April, and it’s so nice to do collab videos with my friends now that we live nearer to one another! This was originally 25 minutes long as we waffled on about vacuums and stuffing for about ten minutes, and I know I know, we’re adults now but tangents on vacuums, how did this happen?

So if you want to see which 5 lifestyle picks made the cut, give the video above a watch before tomorrow’s beauty rundown; don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up and leave a comment telling me what your lifestyle favourites have been this year, and also SUBSCRIBE for 12 Days of Christmas vlogs from today until January 6th, and new videos every Tuesday and Saturday at 9am!

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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