One of the main things I was excited for when moving was having my own office space, more so to decorate it how I wanted and keep my bedroom as a bed room – no more late nights working, no more overflowing mail and lights mixed with linens and lingerie, so sir.

Post, Lauren, tangent – anyway – I’ve almost settled down into my office with a few more pieces here and there to pick up to finish off the room, but basically it’s done and I couldn’t be happier! The room is a lovely cool and calm lilac grey which offsets my silver, white and blue themes perfectly, there’s a mix of furniture and light which makes it feel less serious and more of a fun editing-filming-working playroom. I really wanted the space to feel calm yet inspire me to work, to make it somewhere welcoming and a separate place for me to come and feel focused – lots of cosy touches, with a bit of comfort but also practicality, and most importantly, personality.

So without further ado, let me show you around my office; Pinterest, eat your heart out…

When you walk in, immediately you notice the desk (1) and office storage (2) which is styled with various blue and silver pieces. The desk was an absolute bargain from Homesense for £130 and I customised it with new handles from there too which made it look less regal and more quirky – the added drawer space is a blessing, no more cluttered surfaces (for now).

On my desk there’s a selection of essentials – lavender reed to keep the room fresh, my ‘&’ symbol from my huge Homesense and Urban Outfitters Haul video for a splash of colour as well as one of my illustrations from college which I really love. For a bit of graphic monochrome, I’ve paired my Merci Marble Plate (3) with a silver vase which houses my very colour co-ordinated pens, washi tape and Olivia Blake Wild Pumpkin and Nutmeg Room Spray which is just so festive, I want to spray it all over my clothes too. For a festive touch, there’s also my Paperchase tree which you’ll have seen in my Christmas Decorations Haul which is now adorned with lights for when the room gets dark come 4pm (sigh).

My main source of light however is a huge industrial yet mid-century inspired lamp that I love for two reasons – the steely colour of the huge lamp head, and the bright white bulb which is studio lighting in itself – a massive blessing for this shoot which was a bit of a dull day tbh. It adds a nice touch alongside the IKEA sculpture which is meant to be a tree but I just like the blue – call me a blue magpie! The remainder of the shelf is storage, files, and also my bin, so, it’s not that interesting but it’s necessary work things you dig?

To the left, there’s my IKEA Kallax shelves which you’ll have seen in my latest videos here, and is filled with things that inspire me most – my college photography project which I’m proud of, my many many many travel books of places I want to go, all the novels and books that have inspired me, plus my cameras, basket of candles and some more IKEA ‘trees’ to look all minimalist (6). The wardrobe next to it often casts shadows – and is also housing all my photography lights, tripods, miscellaneous boxes of ‘things that need storing but will eventually come out at some point’ – so I’ve gone a bit crazy with the lights from Homebase, draping them around the shelving but it adds a warm glow to the room and I love the fun edge it adds to an already quirky room!

On the floor is a HUGE cream hug which was £80 from Homesense, and I mean huge it’s about 7ft it’s crazy, which adds even more light to the room, and I’m really happy how all the lighter pieces bring a fresh edge whilst letting the lights, blues and detailed pieces do the talking, including the velvet purple chair in the corner which I use for filming (not pictured however) as it’s only temporary until my new cushiony chair arrives – I am excited for upholstered comfort, no more squeaky swivel chairs for me! Oh, also, I have to mention my new baby in the office – a Canon 85mm Lens, I am in love with it and have already taken photos for my blog (including this post) and for other people’s blogs so that has got me all kinds of excited! It’s a beauty, and so pleased with the crisp edge and blur in my images from it.

Of course, there are still a few things to arrive, a bit of re-jigging to do once the festive period is over, but right now I absolutely love this room – it feels like me, like home, and it’s just the perfect mesh of all the things that represent my style and mini hub that I’ve always wanted. I’m currently sat at the desk now, looking out the window at the apple tree (no pheasants today, and also the tree looks a little like the Whomping Willow except smaller and not magic. Shame.) and it just feels so relaxed, which in turn makes me feel relaxed and pleased with how it’s turned out after a month of settling in – yeesh has it been that long?!

Expect to see the office around these parts again soon, maybe in full on my channel if you’re lucky, because interiors are becoming my new thing – I love styling and decorating my own space it’s the best fun in the world (minus the building, which you lock away in your mind and forget about how it takes 2 hours to build a chest of drawers ARGH).

But I want to hear your thoughts on interiors; have you decorated your own space at home? Do you like a calming atmosphere or something fun and loud? And what do you think of the office so far?!

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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