Well we’ve made it guys, Christmas is only one day away and I’m so excited – even though I feel it’s whizzed by, loads has happened and the amount of unwatched vlogmas videos in my sub box scares me a little. But no fear, that’s what all these days of pre-scheduled content and relaxing are for amiright? Finally chance to sit down, watch movies, switch off, stay in pjs or dress up to see family, eat loads of yummy food and just appreciate the festive season.

As I have admitted before, I don’t feel I’ve been fully festive this year as everything happened at once with my move, trees were decorated whilst assembling beds and now that I’ve started to reach a normal period of enjoyment, Christmas is almost been and gone. But those small moments where you look at the tree, the decorations and listen to Boney M for the hundredth time that you feel a little bit of sizzling festivity – you slick on a red lip, you put on a Christmas jumper and you find yourself watching Elf once a day because it’s so quotable yeah?

I’m looking forward to a few days relaxing, catching up with all the TV specials and specifically eating more roast potatoes than I care to imagine – sorry tummy, you’ve been in training for this moment – and I hope each and every one of you are too; Christmas is a time for happiness and celebrating another year, and whilst I’ll be reminiscing over 2015 in another post, for now I want to say thank you everyone who has read my blog, who supported my channel also and has been so kind to comment over the last 12 months. I appreciate each and every one of you and THANK YOU for everything you allow me to do!

As a small festive sidenote, I have decided to do 12 Days of Christmas vlogs which will be uploaded from the 26th at 6pm because heck I’ve never daily vlogged before, but you gotta try something new right?! Obviously it’ll be filmed from Christmas Day so you’ll see everything from my presents to my pjs, and hopefully they’ll be some fun things happening at the start of the New Year too – spoliers, maybe, we shall see 😉

So if you need something to watch post-vlogmas, then make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my channel for videos every day from 26th December – 6th January, plus TWO videos every Tuesday and Saturday due to my ‘main videos’ going up at 9am! What a lucky lot you are (will I die? I don’t know, here’s hoping I don’t…)

Merry Christmas you lovely awesome lot, I’m so excited to catch up with you all post-Christmas and see in the New Year with pjs, resolutions and lots and lots of exciting promise! MERRY CHRISTMAAAAASSSS!

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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