A funny thing happened a few weeks ago – I went out for lunch with Saida and Jordan (lots of food, all the yum) after my first work thing since moving and we were all sat chatting, catching up on life when our food order arrived. Perfectly normal – you order, it comes, you eat, but then the funny thing happened; as I was about to tuck into my salad both the girls got up and started snapping away – move the pepper, move the water, can you wait to eat Lauren? I was just bemused, not at the fact that they were snapping our meal and uploading it to Instagram, but because I had forgotten how to myself.

You see, I’ve still been in moving non-social media mode until recently, and I’d just about got settled into uploading once every few days again on Instagram before this happened, and I’d never actually realised how different my perception was. Was I a failed blogger now? How on earth was I supposed to start using social media again? Why can’t I eat one chip before you snap it?

Despite putting up posts and videos on a regular schedule, I’d not actually been engaging with what I’d wrote and people online. There wasn’t time for chats, to save photos for Instagram or to reply to comments even, and by preventing those few activities over the last few months I’ve slowly become a bit of a…..recluse online? Is that what it is, an online recluse? Does that even exist? Maybe, because that’s how it felt – was active online but not quite enough to feel integrated, my words were getting out there but the rest of me and my conversation was missing, that integral part of communication.

My friends understood, I was busy, it’s fine, but I don’t feel like everyone else did – probably my own paranoia and worry, but it’s priorities and necessity in life that just takes over. I think I can speak for some who have also had to sideline blogging that sometimes you forget how our industry works if you slip out of it too long, but it’s also easily consuming to everything around you – hence why it got sidelined marginally over the last few months.

However, hopefully, things are starting to balance. Even though I’m blogging more and have added an extra upload day to my channel, I’m making it easier and more enjoyable by truly focusing and sharing the things I want – there’s so much I could vlog, so much I could write about, but taking time away has made me want to just appreciate those small moments for myself, to enjoy the days my friends come to visit and we don’t take a selfie to prove it, the days we spent unpacking boxes because it was too stressful and turned our moods sour because it all felt too hard. It’s this balance I’m starting to work on, and it’s one where I want to share what I love and enjoy but also feel I have something for myself. I want to discuss products that I love, but also take my time and not photograph everything I do because that intimate little moment is mine and mine to enjoy alone.

Forgetting how to blog, it’s a funny thing really. Whilst I missed it it’s made me appreciate it, made it a distraction and made me redefine my approach to it; so even it takes a few more weeks for me to remember to Instagram my meals or to join in a chat, when I do, it will be with appreciation, balance, and more love for it than before. Just let me eat my chips first okay?

What about you, have you forgotten how to blog before? Do you feel you have the right balance with social media? What would you change about how we run things as an industry or how you live your life through it?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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