There’s something about reds, greens, golds and glitter that screams Christmas – every year we reach for those sparkly shades that represent the festive season, but man, isn’t glitter hard to get off?! As with each year we look forward to putting on a few layers of glitter polish, we always end up cursing ourselves come the removal process, because who has 20 minutes to scrub glitter off your nails and leave them feeling dry and dehydrated?

I’m a huge fan of nail polish, heck I have a whole drawer dedicated to them, but I haven’t got time to get frustrated over festive nails, which is why Little Ondine’s range is such a life-saver; a formula made up of resin, organic colourants and water that simply peels off when removal is required. No damaged nails, no dryness, and an amazing variety of colour and glitter to keep your nails look fabulous every season.

The pros? It peels off. The cons? It peels off. Let me explain…

Ease of removing the polish is dreamy, simply take a corner to peel it off and your nails feel good as new underneath with no excess left behind, job’s a goodun! However it can peel off very easily, sometimes when you don’t want it too; a long leisurely soak in the bath will soften them up enough to come off mid-towel dry, and even trying to open a package can give them the lift they need to lift. Sure, you can add another top coat to seal it for the day but it will soon be ready to switch up.

But don’t get put off so easily, as re-application is easy and dries super quick, your nails feel fabulously fresh after removal, and the big news – glitter comes off in seconds. YES, seconds! I was dubious at first, putting my usual top-coat on top of the glitter polish but it still peeled off easily and didn’t damage my nails or require tens of cotton pads to get them bare again. Whilst it is a niggle that your polish may peel off in a a few days (even as little as two) it comes off all in one go, gives you a chance to experiment, and contains all natural ingredients that keep your nails looking fabulous even when bare.

I believe the longevity depends on how thick or amount of layers are applied, but the whole premise of the products are fab. If you like to switch up nail colours often, want a non-toxic option to what’s available on the market, heck even if you just want to wear glitter without cursing the heavens, give Little Ondine a chance and see how easy it is to sparkle again during the festive season.

Have you heard of Little Ondine? Do you like glitter nails during Christmas? What’s on your nails this season?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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