As soon as the seasons change and the cold weather sets in, my body immediately goes ‘CARBS’ and everything meal wise switches up; from soup to rye and quinoa loafs, and trays of honey-mustard roasted veg to dreams of yorkshire puddings (YUM), Autumn food is one of my favourites, it’s so comforting and satisfying deep down in your stomach, and here’s a few little things that just make this time of year totally delicious

All the variety of soup

They say don’t fix what isn’t broken, and come November I am having soup at least once a day which may be a problem if this was any other meal, however the wide range of soups you can blend at home or buy from the supermarket means you can balance your tastebuds and try something new every night. Personally, I’m kinda over straight-up tomato and like to get some interesting blends going – I’ve had Celery, Apple and Quinoa, a Fresh Wasabi Pea blend which tastes just like Minty Peas from Nandos, and you cannot beat a mix of Sweet Potato, Parsnip and Carrot (however I’ve tried it with a Thai coconut mix and it just takes it to a whole other level, oh man)

Your body ACCEPTS carb overload with open arms

For some miraculous reason, as soon as Autumn rolls round my stomach is like ‘hells yeah bring on the bread Lauren, we can handle it we need that storage material’ and I’m having two slices at lunch with avocado and another slice (or two, if I feel cheeky) with my soup at dinner. Nothing too wheat-based mind you, as I can’t stomach the yeasty film on my mouth and stomach so I like to switch it up with rye flour blends, quinoa loaf and even the odd sourdough. My all-time fave? Synergy Bread from Whole Foods – heaven and health in a loaf.

Cinnamon is everywhere and I love it

Cinnamon is one of my most favourite things about this time of year, and always try to save it for now so I can enjoy it in it’s entirety – be it in my porridge, hot chocolate, burning it in a candle or adding it into curry (it’s wonderful trust me), cinnamon love is real and it tastes delightful and festive in everything. Recently I discovered Vietnamese Cinnamon and it’s mind blowing, so much flavour!

So now I open up the floor to you guys, what is your favourite autumnal comfort food? Are you a fellow soup lover, carb craver or are you full on with the roast dinners – I don’t blame you, yorky puds and roast potatoes are the ONE! Let me know what seasonal delights you’ve been loving, and get inspired with some new meals too.

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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