Whilst the above photo might not be totally relevant to the videos below, it has some significance – flowers and nature are both things I’ve used to help clear up my acne (Tuesday’s video) and also they were the first flowers to be brought for my new house (Saturday’s video)!

So yes, I’ve moved house and I’ve been filming the various processes of it over the last few months to share my journey and have something to reflect on in time to see how much has changed and how hopefully more good has come from it (even with all the ugly crying, I did cut that down from 6 minutes btw, be proud of that. Lots of ugly face.)

I also understand that this post and an extra video is all out of schedule but I’m going to be re-jigging some of the content, posting and hopefully quality of my blog as of December (crikey how did that happen?!) so be prepared to see more of me conversing online. I know I’ve been out of the loop as of the last few months which has really got me down but I’m going to come back bigger and better so stick around or join in if you’re new 🙂

Anyway, videos….

As mentioned in my acne post, I’ve cleared up my skin majorly thanks to a liver detox supplement (all natural, all good) but I’ve also talked about what skincare has helped soothe my skin and how acne has affected me in general which I hope helps some of you.

Finally we have my moving vlog – lots of packing, being stresses, crying, and then just a bit of happiness and IKEA assembly at the end to leave this vlog on a high before ALL THE HOME TOURS AND BEAUTY HAULS. You’re not ready for the amount of hauls and interior posts I swear, get ready guys.

Sunday is for curling up with some videos, so come catch up with Britton Loves before some very very exciting hauls and tours start next week – get SUBSCRIBED asap, you’ll thank me later 😉

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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