It’s safe to say that everyone in the blogging, youtube and media world has something to say about the whole ‘Essena O’Neill quitting Instagram and social media’ happening, and on the whole it has been refreshing to see people understand how hard levels of perfection are to meet, but that also everyone is generally positive and willing to grow from this event.

What do I think? Well, I rambled about it in this week’s video, discussing my thoughts on social media and numbers – thanks to a coincidental email that landed in my inbox about 10 minutes after watching her reveal videos, I’ve made some big important reassessments to how I want to be seen and act online. Whilst 90% of people I follow are honest and discuss the ups and downs of their life online to make relatable real content, there are those who feel suffocated by numbers, and I for one think brands need to reassess how they approach the numbers subject when working with influencers.

But I don’t want to spoil the entire video for you, oh no, there’s 9 minutes of explaining in the video above telling you why being honest and happy in what you do is so so important, above and beyond anything else in the world of blogging.

Whilst not everyone agrees with what was said or how we as an online social collective have been defined, it’s clear to see that numbers are the new mind-crippling control that you feel as a 16 year old, when you want to look or feel a certain way to feel accepted, and the fact that people can feel miserable in the same way when looking at numbers on a screen and potential in their jeans, then it begs the question of whether Essena really did what was best for her in her life or whether we all need to settle down a bit when it comes to doing things for likes.

Personally, I love sharing and I love being open and honest – heck I’ve cried in my vlogs, shown my acne at its worst, talked about loneliness among other things, but there are times I can’t bear to post on Instagram or Twitter because my life really is that dull, or my selfie came isn’t on. And that’s okay, it’s fine, I’ve learn not to feel bad about it, because the more you worry about being active, the less time you’re focusing on yourself and what’s best for you. Be social, be online, but enjoy those times when you put your phone down too.

Anyway, secondary ramble over – I’m off to experience a digital detox for a few days, good excuse to pull out the camera and start looking at the world around me right?

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