I bloomin’ love stationery, I’ve been known to hoard empty notepads just because I love the design and feel of new books and know I’ll muck up the pages after changing my handwriting halfway down the page. Designs and little add ons galore, anything that makes me squeal over to-do lists and pens gets my attention (especially Christmas, right now I’m Christmas AF), so when I was invited along to Paperchase‘s SS16 launch and get involved in some Christmas themed-activities I was thanking my stationery stars for this little glimpse of the new range – and play with ribbons. I love ribbons.

The Tottenham Court Road flagship store is one of beauty – three levels of stationery, paper, pens, diaries, themed office staples and obviously gift bags and novelty pencil cases which are a life essential, I’m already planning a trip back to the store to pick up some new goodies for my office. On the top floor, the team had displayed all their new designs in various flatlay dreams that would rival Pinterest and Instagram in a second (and made my job of snapping easier).

From dark florals for Mother’s Day, Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter motifs made modern for Easter, hilarious Baby Chick glasses – donned on a grass Cat no less, so funky, so Paperchase – and the most beautiful blue themed Serengeti collection (I need the striped blue and monochrome beauty bag in my life, and generally all the blue patterns too).

One thing I discovered was that the Paperchase in-house design team is only made of 10 people, with some designs being bought in but mostly the pieces we all fawn over are designed by artists within the team across various collections, and all have brilliant ways of coming up with patterns – in all honesty, it reminded me of art college and makes me want to work for Paperchase immediately, I love mood boards and illustration, oh and photography….where was I? Oh yes, designs…

Such unique in-house designs that shone for me where the Valentine’s Day lip print, the again wonderful puns on the cards and mugs for gifts to that special someone, and some loud and bold workout gear which is a first for next year so keep your peepers peeled!

After the team had talked us through the designs and we’d snuck a couple of extra snaps, we were whisked off to the crafts table where we were given the challenge of decorating our own mini tree with Paperchase products (thanks to some lovely baubles provided and at £25 voucher to go on the hunt with downstairs – if you’ve never seen bloggers on a misson with stationery and a time limit, you’re missing true hysteria). Of course, I went for a silver theme to match my office space and got to making my own stringed decorations using silver pegs and photo frame wire – very minimal, and very thrifty as you can use the pegs after Christmas too!

Also on hand was Laura Reed, who makes the most amazing pinwheels and I felt like I was in art class all over again, trying to succeed at a new method but it was lovely to spend a few hours experimenting with designs, styles and attempting to fold the wheels in on themselves to look semi-decent. I tried, and I’ll certainly try again!

So basically, you’re really in for a treat next year stationery-wise whether it’s Valentines related, workout themed or just as a little gift for yourself (because who doesn’t need more stationery – said the stationery addict….)

Have you bought anything from Paperchase recently? What’s your favourite collection from the SS16 range? Are you a stationery lover like me?

Lots of Love,

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