When your ‘everyday skincare routine’ contains about 4 cleansers you know you’ve got a problem; no one can use 4 cleansers at the same time, it’s impossible and more importantly it’s hard to tell what’s working. Admitting that to myself is hard because I love cleansers, and masks, and skincare in general but as with my makeup recently, I’ve had to do some simplifying. There was a whole drawer of unused, nearly finished, and long-lost products lurking in the bathroom, so it was time to roll my sleeves up and sort it out – and here’s how you can too…

1. Separate what you use frequently from what is occasional (and also what you don’t use at all)

There comes a point where you either have too much skincare to use it all, too many things to try that nothing gets finished, or there’s that old bottle of something passed on from a relative who thought you might like it but realistically they don’t know your skin like you do (just give me Space NK vouchers and spare me the product mistakes). Start by emptying everything out of your storage and putting it into relevant piles – if you use it every day, morning or night, keep it; if it’s only used to remove makeup or for that twice (or thrice, if you’re all about that self care) weekly pamper routine, pop it in another pile. Now to sort the remains – if it’s a nice product and suits your skin but you stopped using it because you had something newer to try, pop it in a pile of ‘things to finish’. If you haven’t used it in months and aren’t bothered about it, pass it on – be it a friend, charity donation or sold on a blog sale, send it to a better place.

2. Finish off products to make space

I have so many near finished moisturisers it’s unbearable, but to create space and be hygienic it’s best to use up what you can before starting something new or similar. If you have to, use thick layers and moisturise again in the afternoon because who doesn’t want uber soft skin during the cold months amiright? Once it’s empty, that’s one less bulky item taking up space, plus you’ll figure out which products you actually enjoy using and will most likely repurchase!

3. Try to stick to a basic routine with minimal product switch

Once you’ve got your stash narrowed to what you use and what’s being finished off, keep your routine minimal – cleanser for morning and night, toner, serum, eye cream, oil and moisturiser for day and night; keep your face masks, eye-makeup remover and cleansing balms separate as they’re more for heavy duty or weekly treats, and give your skin chance to absorb and work with the key products you’ve selected. You’ll probably notice your complexion responds better to less product, as it’s not working so hard to drink up 1000000 ingredients, plus it lets you actually use the products around you that you enjoy and get great skin at the end of it – result!

Whether you’re having a seasonal clear out, switching up your routine for winter, or really need to make some space so you can buy new nice things (but also totally already use what you have *ahem*), simplifying your stash down to key products is not only satisfying for your organisation, but allows your skin to appreciate the ingredients that sink in – maybe I should buy more serums as a treat…oops.

Do you routinely streamline your skincare? How do you get use out of all your products? what is your top tip to make the most of products in your collection?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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