I really underestimated packing, I really really did. No amount of time, prep or weight lifting can prepare you for the mental and physical activity of packing, but alas here I am, surrounded by boxes and wires, eager to reflect on what I’ve learnt through this experience. Packing in all the information I can (excuse the poor puns), here’s what I’ve discovered since I emptied my life into boxes…

You can make 10 trips to the charity and still have too much stuff

Literally, is my wardrobe Narnia? I’ve cut my clothes down to a quarter of what they were (shoes, coats, scarves, underwear included) yet my wardrobe still feels full. Granted, my old wardrobe was teeny – one door width, le sigh – and I got rid of so many old books and nicknacks but it still felt like I could get rid of more. With that being said…


Everything in my life now feels as if it should be streamlined; thanks to Anna and Caroline’s capsule wardrobes, I’ve accepted a life of 7 jumpers, 2 jeans and 5 tops because your girl here lives in comfy bottoms and thermals 70% of the time. Less makeup, less skincare, more excuses to buy more yes but just less in general. We buy things sometimes to fill space, but space is everything I’m craving right now and I love it.

There are more decisions to make than your brain can handle

Removals, solicitors, conveyencing, packing, exchange, completion, signing forms, requesting information; this stuff doesn’t happen instantly – if there’s anything I could recommend, it’s to ring everyone once an hour every day to check up on what’s happening. Sometimes, solicitors or banks or other important people won’t inform you of new information or changes/requests because they have about 50 other people to keep updated, so you may go a week not hearing anything and thinking all is plain sailing when you get a call asking why you haven’t responded to a request or why searches haven’t shown up yet. It’s a nightmare. Be organised and aware, action any requests or payments immediately, don’t say ‘oh I need this doing’ because you’ll be added to a pile; by saying ‘I need this actioning IMMEDIATELY’ you’ll be put through much quicker and yeah, you’ll be that nightmare customer who harps on daily, but everyone wants to move efficiently and quickly (and get their money’s worth, because solicitors are hella expensive if you aren’t careful).

Pack a huge bag filled with essentials to last a few days

Not just your underwear and socks, but flannels, hand towels, water, a kettle, cleaning products, kitchen roll, skincare and body wash, a spare top, some breakfast, some bowls, a mug or two for tea, oh and lots of tea bags – you will need tea bags, not just for you, but also for your removal men. They need to survive too.

Plan your mail redirect, internet, council tax and other boring but important things AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

It takes roughly 7-14 days for internet to be installed, and that’s without switching providers. You can book this in before you move but be careful as the company will deliver your new wifi box and extras a few days before so you don’t want this being left on your doorstep or with the previous owners/tenants. For safety and convenience, you can redirect mail for up to a year from your previous address which costs between £30-50, but this takes 5 days to set in place and requires (for convenience) 2 weeks notice to make sure it all goes well – you won’t believe the amount of emails I’ve had to send stating ‘please don’t send me anything yet because I don’t want it getting lost before my redirect sorry’. NIGHTMARE.

It’s going to take around 4 days pre/post move before life starts to feel a bit more normal

All communication goes out the window, google maps is your new best friend, social media nocial media I ain’t got time to tweet, and being okay with removal men and letting agents see you in jogging bottoms, barefaced and raggedy hair is just the norm, I’m not dressing up for no one.

Honestly, there is so much more I could cover in detail in terms for moving, selling, buying and renting, so much goes on that we don’t realise or think about so if you want to know more then let me know and I can do a part 2 post – for my sanity alone, I needed to write a funny light-hearted post because currently the bags under my eyes are not Chanel, I have no milk to eat porridge and pretty soon my internet will be cancelled for 24 hours so I have to do many many late night activities to make up for time.

But hey, moving is fun, you get to see what you need in your life and you learn a lot about finance, law, measurements and that a 1400 pocket sprung mattress for £500 is an amazing investment for the next 10 years. Who says moving can make you into a grown up ey?

Would you like to read more (factual) information about the moving process? Have you ever had to calculate a move? How would you plan for moving house?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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