A liver detox sounds like one of those scary and extreme cleanses people do after a heavy weekend or luxury holiday (or just because ‘feeling cleansed dahling’) even when I image ‘liver detox’ I can feel said organ being hit with a bunch of greens and herbs to get it moving. But my reasons for a liver detox are a little different – I’ve had problems in the past with my hormones and having a regular cycle, and after lots of narrowing down and discussions with a naturopath, taking something that would support the workings of my liver has got my body back on track.

Let’s provide some context – for all the years I’ve had lady time, it’s been easy to tell I was due because the area around my mouth (which is linked to the liver and kidneys) would turn a yellow almost jaundice colour; my body was having to work really hard to process the hormones and general cycle so I would look a bit like a Simpson for a few days whilst I dealt with Mother Nature. Coupled with those hormonal breakouts and you’re having a real fun week (thanks). Over time, my cycle has gone a bit off course, to the point where twice now I’ve not had them at all – the first time I didn’t have one for a year, and the second time was this year when I had a huge acne breakout that has continued to varying degrees since April until recently. They came back briefly when I started taking an array of supplements, but once those ran out (and unable to determine which one had significantly made the change) my periods stopped and the painful deep spots were back.

I’ve always had the niggle that my gut and liver were to blame, seeing as my first acne breakout was cured with gut-targeted antibiotics and my skin was turning yellow, so some googling and a discussion with my naturopath led to me trialling a form of Liver Support for a few months. Now things like this can be pricey so I picked up a general Liver Support from Nature’s Answer via Whole Foods – aka heaven – to take over the course of a month or so to see what happened. You’re supposed to take 50 drops three times a day which seemed a little excessive for me seeing as I was already dealing with a huge breakout linked to recycled toxins in my body, so I built up a dose from 10 to 21 over the weeks, feeling it out to see how my body and skin reacted – if you have any toxins or things to be cleansed from the body, it will show in your skin first, which is excellent but important as you need your body and skin to catch up to one another to regulate.

And then, two weeks ago, everything started up as normal, as if nothing was different – except I forgot about the back pain and the hormonal mess you become wanting all the chocolate (thank you 82% cacao). The only things I had added new to my diet were the Liver Support and Royal Green Turmeric Complex* which also supports liver functions by increasing detoxification, and to keep my liver working well throughout my ‘7 days of rest’ I upped my does to 21 drops 3 times a day, dropping to twice and then once as it came to an end. My skin did breakout, I mean, it broke out with those really annoying spots that are sore and pop a little but then stay as lumps – you jammy dodgers – but taking the Liver Support and having a good skin routine has helped them clear up and out of here, and looking at my skin now it’s softer and starting to look as good as it was at the start of the year.

It’s worth noting that sometimes you have to take Liver Support for a few months to see much difference, but mine was able to kick into detoxification within a month and I’ll be stocking up on a few more bottles of this until I can look deeper into the causes of why and what causes my body to react the way it does, but for now the combination of Milk Thistle, Turmeric, Red Clover and other liver cleansing delights will be keeping my body working and less Simpson yellow. Never a good look.

Have you ever tried a Liver Support supplement? Do you ever have issues with your cycle or hormones? Will you be trying Liver Support or Turmeric Complex? 

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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