Moving house has made me crave more baths and head massages than ever before; I get tired out more by mental effort than anything else which is why thinking too much about exercise, doing anything non-stimulating or entertaining just makes my mind go ‘uhhhhhh’. As I’m currently waiting on internet to be installed – oh I feel like I’m reliving days of childhood when I just went out and did things – I’ve decided to treat myself a little bit more, stocking up on some bath salts, a few heady ‘knock your senses out’ scents and of course, a couple of added extras…

Relaxing is up there with wanting to visit the Maldives and reading more books – I wish I could do it, but I have other things to do, which is a bit ridiculous if you think about it. 30 minutes to myself, I can’t even allow that, so having more down time at the moment is super important what with running up flights of stairs, popping to shops here there and everywhere plus making the all important decision of ‘what meal can I leave to slow cook in the AGA whilst I decorate this dresser? Oh how Country Living of me!’

If I hadn’t said before, baths aren’t really my thing but there really is nothing better than intensely hot heat to relax your muscles and bones (I’m cold blooded okay I need to keep my organs toasty), some detoxing bath salts and some relaxing smells to make your mind drift into a comatose state.

Firstly, I like to do a bit of facial massage with my cleansing balm and oils a la Lisa Eldridge, whose video on the practise alone makes me want to fall asleep standing. It’s amazing how much tension we hold in our faces, especially the forehead and jawline, plus soft strokes really allow you lymph to drain which prevents any puffy eyes or cheeks in the morning. A godsend.

In the tub I like to mix up some detoxing or reviving epsom salts (I pick mine up from TK Maxx or Homesense for a real bargain) with my favourite Clarins ‘Relax’ Bath and Shower Concentrate – it’s got a wonderful blend of Valerian, Camomile and Basil to freshen you up but also make you want to melt and relax into your body. For some extra joint relief, I’ve been adding in Arnica oil which also smells incredible, meaning I have one insatiably relaxing bathtub to enjoy (for 20 minutes, I’m really not good with baths).

It’s important to give yourself some rest, and I’ve been trying hard to put my phone down earlier, to utilise my day and efficiency more just so I can do all those relaxing activities I desire – reading a book, taking a longer bath that requires a lot of talking into but maximum enjoyment, or even just letting your ‘be’. Now go run yourself a bath, grab a candle and play some chillout tunes, because it’s Monday, and you deserve and awesome Monday to start your week – cue zen vibes, now…

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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