Looking back over the videos I’ve made on my channel, it seems to be the ones without much planning or are totally relaxed that are most watched (unless it’s my 25 Facts About Me video or Throwback Makeup Tutorial which in that instance you’re all nosy or like to see me make a fool of myself. I get it, I appreciate it) so hopefully this weeks video goes down a treat, as I get all chatty talking about things that made me happy this week – also yes, I do know I put ‘made’ on the thumbnail and ‘make’ in the title, slap wrists.

I’ve had another one of those funks recently, one I can’t control and am trying to work around; I’m vary aware I have a lot of moments in videos where I ‘moan’ and that in itself is something I really dislike, but sharing is caring and putting a positive spin on your feelings can help when you feel a bit stuck. What did I do? I filmed myself chatting about all the things that had happened recently to make me feel happy, just as a reminder that I got this.

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Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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