Breakfast is my favourite time of day (in fact I wrote a whole post on it here) mainly because it’s the first meal in 8 hours, but also because the food just tastes better – yes you can get a wider variety at lunch or dinner, but does anything really beat that breakfast/brunch cusp? Personally I’m a sweet but substantial breakfast lady, but too much sugar can lead to a crash later in the day so I’ve been searching for something that will naturally sweeten without the nasty ingredients or side effects, and I’ve got just the bottle…

You may remember these cute bottles from my Bloom and Wild post a few months ago – when the sun shone until 9pm, peonies were everywhere and socks were at a one layer minimum – and after a conversation with the brand I learnt there was much more to these syrups than popping them in drinks.

Elderbrook was born from the idea that water needs to liven up a little without piling tonnes of sugar and additives into a glass to make it enjoyable, and what they came up with is three fabulous superfood and naturally sweetened cordials; there’s the classic Raspberry, Cranberry and Blueberry which just tastes all kinds of heaven (imagine a gourmet jelly, that’s exactly how it tastes), for something a little bit more tropical then Mango, Passion Fruit and Goji Berry will take you right back to the years of Um Bongo (minus all the E numbers) or if you want to spice up your lemonade (maybe even a mojito if you’re planning a party) then Lime, Mint and Baobab is exactly what you need – a little bit sour, a little bit sweet, a lot of refreshment.

Aside from using them as cordials, I like to drizzle the Raspberry nectar on my morning porridge for a bit of flavour and sweetness, and it’s honestly divine; I no longer have fresh fruit on my porridge but this is just as good as the real thing and a little really does go a long way. Each cordial is blended with fruit, superfoods and coconut nectar which makes Elderbrook low in natural sugar, low GI, yet packed with vitamin C and amino acids – exactly what you need for a morning pick me up!

With Jamie Oliver’s recent campaign to tax sugar, these are certainly a fab alternative to your usual sweetener as compared to 400 drinks available on Tesco, a diluted glass of Elderbrook had less grams per 100ml even with the concentration of natural sugars (even when doubling dilution to 10ml per 250ml, it was lower in sugar overall) – one Sugar Rush Jamie would be proud of!

A drizzle of superfood dreams it would seem, and it’s taken me months to get through a bottle of this stuff so it’s worth a spot in your cupboard – I’m also not joking about the jelly, I’m on the hunt for vegan gelatine so I can make a triple-layered monster so please point me in any jelly directions you know of. Breakfast just got one heck of a lot sweeter…

Have you tried Elderbrook Cordial before? How do you sweeten your meals or drinks? What is your favourite flavour of jelly?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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