One quite crucial thing surrounding and supporting the world of blogging is social media, and lately, I just haven’t been that social on social media. Scheduling tweets, videos and popping posts out aside, there’s several areas of the online world that I’ve stopped taking part in over the last few weeks which has made me both sad and given me a sense of freedom in a weird way. There’s so much focus on being engaging, connecting and talking that sometimes it feels a lot but when you don’t have it you become out of touch with people and showing how you are special in this sometimes superficial world we have created (I am all for a bit of self promo and selfies, don’t you mind me, you keep Instagramming your food I’ll enjoy the heck out of it).

What am I trying to say really? I’m sorry I have tweeted properly for ages? That my puns haven’t been on your timeline – nobody probably cares anyway, I’m not the punniest out there – or that I’m sorry I haven’t been spamming my link in chats trying to get you to follow my blog whilst trying to have an opinion on subjects? I’m undecided on what the specific message is, but broadly, I guess I’m in some weird way apologising for something people may not have even noticed, because to me, not being social, connecting, networking and sharing my link and feeling I have the time to sit and join a chat on Twitter (where I made most of my friends btw) makes me feel like a failure.

Currently I’m sat at my desk furiously typing whilst eating cold porridge, my third day hair scraped back in a big clip with a mix of comfies and a somewhat nice but worn jumper (trying to feel nice) and some lovely fresh breakouts due to my hormones/stress/liver detox which is working but yay, spots; I’m also surrounded and not surrounded by things that I need to prioritise over social media, to work on, to finish, to complete and that also takes up the majority of my tiny bedroom/office so the slightest mess makes me want to RIP MY HAIR OUT AND FALL INTO A BLANKET BEING DONE WITH EVERYTHING. You could say that I’m also completely chilled out, can’t you tell?

The most social media I’ve been able to get done is the condensed 10 minute reply session every evening on Twitter once I’ve finished my food, the occasional Instagram post when I have a new photo to share (which is rare atm, not even VSCO cam can save me nor have I done anything interesting, come at me #tbt), and then the WhatsApp chats during my self-directed breaks which give me some contact with life but also make me think wow I have so much going on in my life but also nothing jesus throw the phone across the room.

I love social media, I lovvveeeeee it I am happily (and hopefully) making my living from it because it’s amazing and so connected but when you have some really pressing things to do in life, what’s going to go first? Well for starters, those hourly slots to chat to people have gotta go because that’s a solid 60 minutes of concentration and scrolling, and then there’s planning your Instagram shots which if you weren’t doing before you certainly won’t now because typing typing typing thinking thinking thinking; oh and taking time out to make a perfectly present meal that you can share as a recipe – heck no, we’re having soup and toast tonight it’s quick and I can squeeze in a few extra minutes working and researching.

Let’s wrap this up shall we? What’s the point of all of this Lauren? Well…the point I guess is that as much as I’m not being on social media (and I really am sorry for not being social) the break is leading to a much better social media presence (teasing sorry). I’m having time to think about who I want to be online, what I want to share in the future and how what I’m focused on will affect all of this. By not interacting as the person online that I usually am, I’m able to refine my presence bit more (maturing online maybe who knows) and use this in the next few weeks as a platform of reinvention. *I just read this back and you need to stop Lauren, this is jargon.

Social media, we’ve been on a break and I apologise for neglecting you, but we’ll be reunited in full soon, and I promise to appreciate you more. For now, I’ll see you during my sneaky stalk sessions when I’m not trying to sort my headspace out, probably most likely drooling over that food I was talking about earlier…

Have you been lacking on social media recently? Did you notice my minimal online presence or am I just making a big hoohah? What makes you go offline?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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