It’s autumn, this post has ‘autumn’ in the title, everything about it is autumn – autumn autumn autumn. Yes, this is yet another blog post about autumn to add to the pile of autumnal posts already out there, but gosh darn it I love this time of year; the leaves have turned to gold and orange, the deep reds and burgundy shades have crept onto our lips and nails, and staying warm has never been more essential or fun (hooray for blankets) so to keep you in the mood, here’s a few of my favourite things that just make me feel a bit more cosy this time of year…

Would it be totally cliche of me to say a cup of tea? Yes, but it’s still a given as tea has so many good quali-teas; firstly by drinking warm liquids you fill yourself up more, therefore helping to curb cravings for the sweet stuff – I personally love to drink Pukka Vanilla Chai when I fancy demolishing a bar of dark chocolate but know I don’t really want it as it has a natural sweet yet warming taste to it, quickly satisfying any chocolate needs and keeping me warm from the inside out. Pukka has an amazing wide range of seasonal teas: Revitalise, Three Cinnamon, Three Ginger and Star Anise and Cinnamon are another few awesome blends that will want to pop the Christmas tree (or jumper if you’re not that keen).

Speaking of cinnamon, it’s my absolute favourite if you hadn’t noticed over the past few years of blogging. As soon as September hits, I like to crack out my cinnamon and vanilla candles, filling the rooms with warm spices that just make your soul relax and feel comforted. This particular candle radiates warmth and spice without being lit (hence why there are no signs of use yet, it really is that wonderfully potent) and was a bargain from Homesense – you know it’s the only place to buy candles, they are some cracking bargains and scents that will make you want a whole room dedicated to them. But I digress, if you want instant comfort, light a cinnamon or spiced candle, and feel your body just chill out.

Another thing I’ve started doing is to buy body products that match my perfume so that the smell lingers and intensifies for longer, and to perfectly compliment my favourite Black Orchid is this too-cute-to-handle Limited Edition Ginger and Lemongrass Body Care Collection* from Green People. The blend of the two is beyond divine, being both uplifting yet warming, light yet heavy enough to linger and nourish for hours, plus the collections (including a Face, Hand and Men’s range) have been designed in collaboration with the Woodland Trust to preserve natural woodlands and homes to some of the animals featured on the packaging. A potential Christmas present that makes you smell good and do good, what more do you need?

You can’t have too much Autumn can you, especially when it makes you feel like cosying up in a blanket with a hot mug of tea, some cinnamon scents and a good movie (maybe a foot run with your new products? Go on, you deserve it)

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn? How do you make yourself feel warm and cosy? Will you be trying the Green People/Woodland Trust collections?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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