Firstly, how monochrome is this photo? Probably the most monochrome thing I’ve ever produced in my life (and I don’t wear a lot of black let me tell you). Secondly, you may remember a few months ago that I was supposed to do a talk on positivity surrounding the blogging community, but alas things changed and I never got to stand in front of a crowd (if any) to share my thoughts on the topic. Currently I’m feeling in one of those funks where I try really hard to feel positive, energetic and bouncy but there’s still a sense of blah, so what better way to reignite a lost cause with another similar lost soul by sharing my thoughts on how blogging gave me a positive attitude (and hopefully keep your blog fire alive this Monday!)

Having a positive attitude

What do we mean when we say ‘positive attitude’? Personally, it’s being happy in your surroundings, enjoying and valuing each are of life whilst still desiring to build from it, but most importantly you’re accepting who you are and growing yourself as a person into someone even greater.

How does this impact our lifestyle?

In terms of blogging, it’s given me a platform and voice to share who I am, what I want to be, and how I want to change things. My blog is about lifestyle and beauty in the broad sense yet I like to focus more on health, vegan food, nutrition and skincare because they are things that not only impact my life but things I’m also passionate about, and blogging gives me the chance to share my passions with others. Through community support, niches, networking and even blog chats, I’ve been able to embrace the positive aspects of discussing various topics whilst connecting with people I can now call friends and inspirations.

Blogging has also helped me overcome any body, food or health issues I’ve had, to lose a lot of the stigma I used to feel surrounded by and help others explore various aspects of lifestyle that might make them feel one step closer to overcoming any fears they have; to find resonation with another person can make you feel understood, that your journey is easier, and there are others in the world willing to support you.

Putting yourself first is okay

Blogging requires you to put yourself out there and have focus, but also to take care of number one. Through blogging and writing reviews, I’ve learnt more about skincare and the importance of looking after your health, so why not invest in the #1 person in your life seeing as that’s who you’re sharing online? As with blogging, overloading yourself and saying yes to everything isn’t the best thing – being true to yourself, selective in what makes you happy (even if it’s a sponsored post, travelling to an event, or staying in bed to write some posts) and enjoying the passion you effort into every task are key things to consider.

When was the last time you did something to make you happy? Think about it, when were you last intrinsically happy from something you created, experienced or purchased? Do you first, don’t be afraid of what the possible outcomes may be because you fear the wrath or opinions of others. Be happy, be joyous, take those leaps of faith and longer mornings in bed thinking of ideas and dreams, look after yourself, spend a bit more money on fancy tea to motivate your work and less time trying too hard on something that doesn’t make you want to hit ‘publish’ or say YES right that second.

How can I have a more positive outlook?

Well, it’s not easy, but it’s possible. This is no sure fire guarantee of complete happiness and positivity but heck we’re going to try, because one more positive person in the world (even if for the day) could make 10 more people happier, and so on.

With blogging, you can identify those areas where you feel you could boost yourself – maybe reach out to others you think would be a good friend, see what you have in common; network via chats to see what common ground you share in topics, engage and connect, invest in business cards, change your photos, do all the small and big things that just make you sit back and smile.

Change your eating, try a new food, do some exercise before work, say yes to an event, find versions of the things you enjoy, take a leap of faith into something new that might change your vision of yourself, your blog, maybe even your life. Even by writing this, I feel okay, I feel calmer and more satisfied with the things I am facing in my life, and that’s good (heck it’s great) because it’s reaffirming my brain that by enjoying the distraction for a few hours (thank you YouTube) I can come back and feel happier in my surroundings. Being positive comes from within us, but it comes from around us also, so just see what tiny task you can do today that makes you feel empowered, beautiful, gracious and clever. You got this.

How has blogging made you more positive? What tasks or mottos keep you going? What does having a positive attitude mean to you?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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