I always find myself stretched for time during the day, although it doesn’t help I’m practically a workaholic amongst other busy things going on right now, but at least five days a week I like to schedule some time to get down on the mat and revel in some yoga.

If you’d told me 10 years ago I’d actively practise cat-cow and downward dog, I’d have rolled my eyes and got back to MSN messenger or Piczo – those were the days. Yoga was never my thing, it was ‘uncool’ to me but since practising it at Sixth Form and finding a new love in Yoga with Adriene early this year, it’s been my go-to form of exercise. Low intensity, stretching the computer hunch, and completely zen, it really helps me relax however I suffer from that classic thing called ‘lack of motivation to get moving’.

You have to be in the mood to exercise, and until you can get in the routine of ‘yeah, 6am let’s do this’ you need to find a way to fit in your routine as it suits. Usually I turn to YouTube to inspire me but I’ve always wondered whether I’m doing to moves right, which is thankfully where Yoogaia comes in – an online Yoga website offering live and recorded classes literally all hours of the day. 

Classes are taught in English, Finnish and German so whereever you are in the world you’ll be able to use Yoogaia, plus there are a wide range of classes on offer from Barre to Pregnancy Yoga, even some pilates if you want more of a stretch or some targeted classes for abs and legs (the hamstring one, my word my legs were happy). 

I’ve been testing Yoogaia for a few weeks now, and even from the comfort of my own room I felt a bit daunted by a ‘live’ class streamed across my screen (typical ‘first time’ jitters) but it was easy to follow and engage, you instantly feel like you’re in a class and focus more on what you have to do. One thing I have noticed from the live classes is that whilst the instructor can monitor and see what exactly you are doing, they can’t physically correct you so have to keep their eye on the screen to guide you which I can see would train you but then again you aren’t fully understanding the move. Also, like a real life class, there are several people sometimes logged into the class so the teacher has to keep an eye on everyone, which is several screens to view and sometimes you end up being told to correct yourself when it’s not you who needs correcting, so it doesn’t feel completely personal.

Another note I have to make is that I’ve taken the same class twice and it was clearly just a repeat of the week previous; understandably this is so that new people who join can start at a basic level, but if you want to be pushed you either have to find a recording or join another live class that may not be at a suitable time for you. Saying that however, there are some fantastic classes and great instructors who really get involved and direct every move brilliantly. There are things missing that would be present in a real life class, but the basis for the website is great for those who want a little more tailoring to their routine or who can’t get out of the house often enough to follow classes.

Whether you find yourself lacking time to attend a class in your local town or you don’t have any sessions near you feed those yoga cravings, Yoogaia provides that extra interaction that may be lacking from a YouTube video whilst providing you with a range of moves and classes to experiment with. The company is still growing, but it’s exciting to see how we can use exercise and the internet to create an intimate and guided classroom for those who need it. From the classes I have taken, I’ve found some fabulous thorough teachers and new moves that have helped me stretch and relax when needed, and with those quick classes available it keeps an overly active mind like mine on it’s toes!

If you’re looking for a new way to engage with yoga, try two weeks for free here by using the code BRITTONLOVES (which is valid until the 17th October so get signing up to see it for yourself) and see how you can improve your flexibility from your bedroom.

Have you tried Yoogaia before? Are you a fan of yoga and pilates? What is your favourite way to get moving?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

This post is in collaboration with Yoogaia. All bendy views are my own and do not reflect the company.

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