I have a confession; I’m not really a huge halloween person. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting dressed up and spooky as much as the next person, but I just haven’t really been into the whole celebration – maybe it’s because I had years of getting excited to dress up and then no one wanting to party, or the fact it’s COLD OUTSIDE and I like blankets. Honestly, Christmas is my bag and I have to restrain myself come November 1st not to throw decorations, tinsel and Michael Buble all over the house because once Halloween is done it’s officially Christmas, right? Right.

Skipping on halloween completely seems it bit crazy, so I’ll be having my own type of celebration – a bit more calm, minus the candy but still with that bit of festive spice. Everyone loves pumpkin spice, everyone loves autumnal vibes, and everyone also loves cosying up as the evening’s roll in earlier, so what better way to kick back this halloween than a spiced hot chocolate?

Dark like a witch’s cauldron, this intense and rich drink will knock you back for six but is super yummy and indulgent!


4 squares of 80% Dark Chocolate | 1 Tbsp Choc Shot | Hemp Milk (or milk of choice) | Cinnamon (I used Vietnamese Cinnamon which I found in my local Homesense!)

1. Melt the chocolate in a saucepan, slowly adding in your milk so it doesn’t burn but melts slowly into the liquid.

2. Add in the choice shot and leave on a low-mid heat to simmer and retain heat. Sweeten with cinnamon to taste, add some brown sugar if you fancy or keep it black and dark if you’re brave enough.

3. Pour into a mug or glass of choice, pick your favourite halloween movie and enjoy a night snuggled under the covers – no spooky spookersons in sight, you could always scare them off with some early Michael Buble if needs must.

If I had been doing something for halloween this year, I think I’d dress up as Springtrap from Five Night’s at Freddy’s because that makeup is insane and I love getting creative with face paint, but I’ll settle for a face mask instead – sometimes that’s scary enough.

Dark Chocolate, cinnamon spice and a bit of spook, what more could you want for halloween?!

What are you getting up to this Halloween? Who would you dress up as? Will you be making this spiced hot chocolate?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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