I think I’m finally starting to get into the swing of YouTube now; vlogging is absolutely one of my favourite things to do now (because I can talk to myself without anyone questioning it, as you do) and I enjoy sharing little ‘on the side’ bits that might get lost on the blog. But never fear, as this week’s video combines both blogging and vlogging to share two typical days in the life of a blogger – or more precisely, my day!

Blogging has it’s amazing moments such as events and seeing friends, but as you’ll see in the second half of this video, there are days where you feel like the smiley poo emoji and comparison is rife. Those moments pass, but I thought it was important for me the share all the ranging feelings you get in this industry when you’re feeling like you could be doing more. It’s not all down and mopey though, as positivity is the name of the game and I even show you my flaylaying secrets – oh you’re in for a treat.

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Blog comparison can be a killer, but everyone has a unique voice and a story to share, just give me a kick up the bum next time I have a down day okay?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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