It’s no secret that I’m a face mask fanatic, alongside cleansers and serums it’s my most loved and scoured for skincare in the world of beauty. I want masks that cover all matter of needs – cleansing, clarifying, exfoliating, calming, hydrating, nourishing – and I want them all in my collection, but most importantly they need to work.

There’s a good few handfuls that I’ve tried over the years, but one thing I’ve never really given a go is a homemade face mask. I know, it’s the easiest and most simplest thing to do but I just expect too much from a face mask – can you clear out all my pores, get rid of my spots and bumps, smooth my skin and make it feel as soft as a baby? Thanks – but when asked me to get involved with their Mud Pack Day campaign, a day focused on total relaxation and pampering yourself, well, I couldn’t refuse really….

We spend a lot of time relaxing in either our bedrooms or bathrooms, and I for one love spending time in the bathroom where my whole stash of skincare is brimming to be used (don’t believe me, just scroll a bit further down…) I have everything at my finger tips to create the perfect pamper evening, to enjoy some time to myself and say ‘thank you’ to my skin for all the environmental and physical stress it goes through.

Mud Pack Day is the perfect excuse to give yourself a bit of TLC, and being challenged to create a face mask with accessible ingredients may seem hard but you can end up with something game changing for your face. My simple two-ingredient face mask? A mix of 1 Tbsp of Coconut Oil and two bags of Lemon Green Tea, which is have to admit I was curious of how it would work but my word, it really made my face feel fresh!

Pre-face mask I cleansed and prepped my skin using the Yours Truly Organics Take It Away Cleanser* mixed with the Claudia Louche Mint Exfoliating Face Polish*, using my new Magnitone BareFaced Cleansing Brush* to work the products into the pores to remove any dead skin cells and blocked pores. The combination of these three has been amazing for my complexion; the deeper exfoliation has helped clear up my skin and bring out any impurities, plus the Claudia Louche polish has a gorgeous mint smell that refreshes and stimulates blood flow. Combined with a gentle gel cleanser that also smells incredible and is kind to the skin (thank you YTO) and my new holy grail brush (more on that in tomorrow’s video, oh all the spoilers), my skin was ready to be nourished and pampered beyond belief.

To make your mask, mix a melted tablespoon of coconut oil with green tea, allowing it to infuse and cool whilst cleansing the face. I used my fingers to smooth a base layer of oil across my face (it can be a drippy job but as it cools it’s easier to work with) and scoop the mixture to pick up as much green tea as you can, smoothing it across each area of your face and focusing on places that need a bit more TLC. Leave it on for 5-15 minutes depending, then gently wash it off with a flannel – work the mask into the skin as you wash for a longer lasting softness, before finishing with products to soothe and balance the skin – I’ve been loving the Nourish Hydrating Peptide Serum* which contains lavender to calm sensitive skin (perfect after intense exfoliation, and for acne!) and also the Clarins Lotus Oil which I rediscovered after shopping my stash, and it’s amazing at counteracting oil production whilst keeping your skin hydrated enough – again, awesome for acne or combination skin types.

Give your skin a welcome relax on Mud Pack Day (which is September 30th, make a note guys!) and let me know what you’re ideal DIY face mask combination is!

Have you made a face mask from at home ingredients before? How do you like to pamper yourself? Where to you spend your time relaxing?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

This post is in collaboration with Victoria Plum, however all views on face masks and ideas to put tea on my face are my own!

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