Blogging has opened up so many opportunities for people who want to create, share and inspire others. Whether you’ve been going strong since 2005 or started last week, anyone and everyone has a voice to share, a unique way of telling their story and helping report on important issues (even if said issue is the new CC cream that you absolutely 100% need in your collection, because let’s be honest, I need me more CC creams, I am all about that base – no treble)

Blogging has also allowed people to become recognised for their work, with Cosmo and Company leading the way over the last few years at recognising those growing into brands and prominent figures within the community, those who have worked hard and achieved more than thought possible, so it was amazing to see Tea Party Beauty step up to the community and create a bloggers focused awards campaign – seeing as up until Tuesday, we had no awards this year but now Cosmo has announced it’s yearly selection of categories.

But back to the topic at hand – the #BloggersBlogAwards. I absolutely love the reasoning behind the awards, bloggers voting for other bloggers, supporting friends and those who might not get a shot at ‘bigger awards’ because we all want to congratulate our inspirations. When the awards and categories were announced, I voted for my friends but didn’t put myself forward, purely because I felt there were better people within each niche that deserved it more. Britton Loves is lifestyle and beauty, but unless there’s a category for ‘photography-food-porn-positivity-chats-too-many-lipsticks-and-vegan-stuff’ I feel like splitting myself in two trying to place myself.

So to get a notification last week that I’d be shortlisted as Best Long-Standing Beauty Blog was…overwhelming I think. I didn’t have an immediate reaction, it was quite numb if I’m honest because I honestly didn’t think people would nominate me, that I stood out enough within the community to have a shot, but here I am, alongside four other lovely ladies, shortlisted for Best Long-Standing Beauty Blog and it’s amazing.

But here’s the thing, the reason I wanted to write my own version of the ‘please vote for me’. I 100% believe that the other shortlisted blogs write better, more in-depth beauty and skincare content than I do, and this is not me trying to self-depreciate myself, this is me being honest. I love beauty, my goal with beauty is to find the best face masks that actually clear out the pores, products that help soothe, calm and heal acne and spots, contain natural ingredients, are vegan friendly, actually help your skin and be kind to it on all spectrums of budget, but my approach is part of a larger scheme to love yourself and be kind to your body. Looking through the other blogs, they are so in-depth and thorough in reviews, new products, launches and (dare I say it) followers. I know, I know, slap my wrists and shout at me, I’ve made it about numbers but heck, these girls didn’t their readership for nothing, their blogs are incredible!

So if I’ve just completely talked you out of voting for me, then let me try to say it differently: I am honoured, astounded, overwhelmed and very humbled that I was picked by bloggers and judges to be shortlisted in a category so highly sort after. Although I may not have all the latest releases, loads of hauls, and more knowledgable understanding of ingredients (science was never my forte) on my blog, I do have a strong desire to help others love their skin, to make it feel good, to showcase brands that might not get as much focus due to their more niche vegan or natural/organic ingredients, and to also help people feel better about themselves. I think that’s all I’ve ever wanted to achieve with my blog, to share a message and make people feel inspired and informed in my own little way, and maybe make myself feel good along the way too.

If you are still deciding who to vote for, then please consider Britton Loves. If you love feeling good, making yourself a better person, enjoy discovering new brands you might not see in the usual places, and have a very big obsession for lipsticks, nail polish, oils and face masks (my one kryptonite) then it would be absolutely wonderful to win the award for Best Long-Standing Beauty Blog. Blogging has helped me find myself and share what I love most in the world of lifestyle, beauty and general dealings with life, and to just have as much as a shot at this award opportunity makes me beyond thankful for this community. Blogging, you da best.

*As a little side note, I am for the heck of it putting myself forward for Best Use of Photography in the Cosmo Blog Awards so if you’d like to nominate me for that too that would be lovely (and also show I did put my years of study to good use, thanks school)

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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