I’ve spent the last few days sharing my favourite products and tools that fit the ethos of Organic Beauty and are involved in the Soil Association’s #Campaign4Clarity, but now I want to delve a little deeper into the whole background of this campaign to explain why buying truly organic products is so important.

There’s a big issue behind the scenes of beauty and it’s called greenwashing; where a product is labelled as organic but only contains a small percentage of organic ingredients, therefore misleading the consumer into buying something they believe to be following the guidelines but actually contains a higher proportion of non-organic ingredients than claimed. What are we really putting on our faces?

This is the main cause behind the #Campaign4Clarity, to put cosmetics and personal hygiene products through strict regulations and standards that currently aren’t in place (unlike those for organic food, which has certain legal requirements to allow produce to be labelled as organic, whilst trading standards should be in place to stop products being falsely labelled as organic when a high proportion of their ingredients AREN’T).

COSMOS is the biggest certifier of organic standards, with specific and rigorous requirements to meet their level of organic (and I have to admit that even reading through it all was scary and overwhelming) but your mind is at ease knowing that all the ingredients are organic from picking to production, with everything nasty left out otherwise. Currently, a product has to contain 95% organic argo-ingredients and be a minimum of 20% organic overall, with the remaining ingredients being tested to validate they won’t harm our health or the environment. The Soil Association will certify products that are 70-95% organic agro-ingredients, but will not allow them to claim the product to be organic only that the products contains xx% of organic ingredients – which to be frank should be happening on every product claiming to be organic anyway!

So what can you expect of a product that has been certified by the Soil Association and COSMOS?

– The producer has had its manufacturing facility inspected annually by the Soil Association or another certifying body. This includes an audit of the organic ingredients used and a demonstration of ecologically sound production methods
– All product formulae and labels have been approved
– It will be clearly labelled so that you can make an informed choice about the product you are buying
– Any non-organic ingredients are being used because no organic equivalents were available.
– All ingredients are GM free – non-organic ingredients can only be used if their suppliers has submitted a declaration that it is non-GM
– It has used minimal non-organic additives and only those from a restricted list. These must be non-GM and can only be used if the organic version of that ingredient is not yet available.
– Any processed ingredients, are processed by ecologically sound means

Our skin is the largest organ of the body, we should be looking after it and caring for it as best as we can. I personally love using organic, cruelty free, vegan skincare when I can because of my lifestyle and outbreaks I can get; I want to make sure my skin is able to recover the best it can from years of messing and clogged pores, to help cleanse and nourish it beyond belief and to discover amazing natural ingredients that can work with your skin to help improve it’s condition.

There’s a huge list of brands that are all certified organic here so if you’re thinking about dabbling in some organic skincare, you’ve got everything at your fingertips! Even if you just want to make a few small changes to your routine, incorporating organic skincare can do your complexion the world of good and really give it that well deserved ‘thank you’ for everything it goes through on the daily grind.

Do you buy organic beauty products? Have you been inspired to try out some of the ranges featured on the blog this week? What is your stance on beauty regulations?

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Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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