It’s a known fact that I’m more of a skincare girl than makeup (however my lipstick collection seems to fail me on that point, possibly my range of bases too…) but I still love the whole process of applying different products to play around with various looks, and something that’s become more important over the years is good brushes.

When I was 15 and at the height of my Matte Mousse, thick liner, powder and concealer lips stage (excuse me whilst I vom) I used either my hands or any old brush to slap on makeup, and even worse I NEVER washed my brushes. I had no idea or clue that makeup held bacteria in the bristles, that product built up in each strand and that I had about three faces worth of makeup wedged in the brush that was just unusable. Cue an intense talk down at a MAC counter when I was 17, a brush cleaner and lots of ‘OHMYGOD THAT’S ALL IN MY BRUSH?!’ later and now I’m a brush cleaning freak.

The quality of the brushes you use is so important, and when I was starting out I used to use cheap brushes that were dyed black to make them look higher quality – not nice, or soft – before picking up the odd Eco Tools brush from TK Maxx, and then finally investing in the Real Techniques range which really are an amazing brand for synthetic brushes…

…but there’s someone new and possibly even better on the block.

Nanshy has been on my radar for a while now but I finally got to try some of the brushes at #BloggersFestival, and the quality is beyond incredible; all the fibres are cruelty-free and vegan friendly, and the handles themselves feel amazing high quality. When tested against my Real Techniques brushes, these are significantly softer and easier to clean plus they pick up more pigment so you really don’t need to apply much or go heavy on the buffing for the brushes to work their magic.

When it does come to cleaning, I try to do a deep cleanse every two weeks and a quick refresh once a week using a micellar water if I haven’t used the brush a lot or there’s leftover makeup from a few days ago, but that’s not as often so I usually stick to the deep cleanse every so often and my go-to is another blogger favourite. The Dr Bronner 18-in-1 Hemp Tea Tree Soap really does it all, from body wash to cleanser, soap to brush cleaner and it’s definitely the best thing I’ve used to thoroughly clean mine without stripping the fibres. The tea tree helps freshen up and invigorate, and the brilliant thing with Nanshy brushes is that no matter how often you clean them, they stay just as soft as when you first bought them. If that’s not a good brush, I don’t know what it….

This week is #OrganicBeauty week and you can follow the #Campaign4Clarity hashtag on Twitter to see how other organic and cruelty free brands are raising awareness. Read more about the Soil Association’s campaign here.

Do you use Organic beauty? Have you tried Nanshy brushes? What is your brush cleaning routine?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

This post is not sponsored, I just really love organic/natural beauty and support the #Campaign4Clarity!

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