I love food, I think that’s pretty clear now. My Instagram is filled with snaps of my breakfast, avocado mashed on and in things, and if it’s not on Instagram then I’m probably tweeting about it in some form. One way or another, I am eating and enjoying my food, but you know what I really don’t enjoy? People making you feel bad about food.

There are few things in my life that have made me so upset and warped in my views, and food has been one of them. I don’t like to talk about things that happened in relation to my weight, however I will say it cost me my friendships, my confidence and about three years of my life. That topic is a bit sensitive and complicated, and it’s something I would rather talk about another way another time, but what I do want to discuss today is the attitude others have when talking to you about their views on what you’re eating.

Have you ever sat down with a salad and had someone say ‘oh god you’re so healthy, I just couldn’t eat that I’d be so hungry’ or ‘omg your such a rabbit’? Or worse, have you had someone corner you and say ‘you’re not eating enough food, that’s probably why you have that health problem’?

Firstly, that last comment is something someone has said to me recently, when we were in a place where typically there wasn’t vegan food. When you have to make the best out of a bad situation, your body is going to tell you how it feels, and if my body can’t stomach another piece of bread because it’s not used to wheat nor is there anything suitable bar fruit to eat for breakfast, then I’m obviously not going to eat a lot.

It’s that real fear induced moment when someone makes it out that you have a problem because you don’t eat ‘normally’ when actually it’s the ignorance from them that is the real issue. This has only happened twice to me, but when you know that you are eating healthy, balanced meals, looking after yourself better than you have in years, and then someone turns around and says that to you because you won’t eat eggs or crepes and syrup for breakfast, then you can just eat your words until they turn to mush because that’s all they mean to me.

I have not eaten well in the past, I will admit that. How I ate and how I started my journey to a healthier lifestyle was not ideal, but it was never problematic. I have never starved myself, I have never weighed myself, I have eaten things because they were low-calorie/low-fat, but in my mind now there is nothing more important than eating things that are nutritionally beneficial to your body, and to just push that aside because you don’t want to find a place that accommodates my eating or because you paid a ridiculous amount for a buffet that I could have easily skipped if you’d said is beyond infuriating, but at most it’s disheartening.

Telling someone how they should eat from a place of negativity and one of minimal understanding isn’t valid in my opinion. Telling someone they have a problem because they choose to eat spinach over sweets isn’t constructive; telling someone they’re being picky because they can’t eat cheese when they’re vegan but don’t have an allergy or intolerance (which is somehow the only reason why not eating cheese is acceptable – um, no?) isn’t helpful. What is helpful is a middle ground, an understanding that ‘hey we don’t eat the same but that’s okay, we’ll try to work it out as best as we can and if you need to bring snacks that’s fine too. Just make sure you’re eating and feel good okay?’

Food has been a big love and hate in my life and I’m thankful that I’m back in the love area, but just be aware of how you approach people when discussing diet. Don’t make someone feel upset or ashamed for not eating to your standards, don’t make people feel excluded, and for goodness sake, don’t make comments that make others want to cry at the breakfast table in front of strangers.

How do you feel about food? Do you think it’s reasonable to make comments on how people eat or should we just accommodate everyone when in a mixed situation? Have you ever been made to feel bad about how and what you eat?

*If you have ever felt the same about food, or have had any food/body related issues and want to talk it out, please do leave a comment or tweet me. Even though I’m no real expert, I have had very ranging experiences with my health so I offer you an hear to talk it all out to – we got this*

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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