So I planned on doing a haul video of all my Paris shopping, but to be honest I’m impatient and everything looks good in a flatlay so why not give you a quick rundown here? First things first – I only picked up one thing from Sephora; I know, but I was rushed, and in all honesty the US Sephora is where it’s at (why you not bring your brands to France US? Makes it easy for us mortals aka English people).

Stationary and homeware was the big hit this trip, recommendations from Rosie and Amy set me on my tracks to find some lovely unique French pieces that would be worth every penny (trust me, I came home with €5 to my name after raiding Merci).

First stop on my Paris tour was of course Sephora, and instead of picking up a Lip Cream that has been on my wishlist for ages, I opted for the Sephora Rouge Cream in R01 Intimidate which is such a nice brown-red for autumn/winter. Pop this over a brown lipliner and you can rock the modern 90’s trend without looking too vampy or brown, it just hits the dark lipstick spot if you want an alternative to berry.

Next was Merci, and boy did I have some trials getting to this store. On the first day I left my phone at the hotel so didn’t have the address to hand whilst walking round Marais (big mistake) so with a day free to roam Paris I made it my mission to find the store that Rosie had featured on her blog – and boy it didn’t disappoint. The stationary was off the chart Pinterest worthy, colouring wallpaper galore and even some gorgeous garden pieces, but alas I was here for stationary and homeware. I love a good notebook and knew that the MilkyWay Notebook had to be mine as soon as I set my eyes on it (eye-watering price, but it’s handmade in Europe and just so god darn beautiful). Then there’s also the London Stamp Print Notepad which has a cute little aeroplane detail on each page for your travels and even a margin – I’m so excited by paper, is this an adult thing?

If there was ever an ‘ooh this is pretty, oh look it just fell in my basket oops not oops’ moment then it was these next two buys – Baby Blue Masking Tape anyone? Lovely for flatlays, even more for decorating my scrapbook so that was an essential. Even more essential was this Marble Enamelwear Plate which has already proved it’s worth in several Instagram and upcoming blog posts – good shout on that purchase Lauren, wise move.

Although not pictured, I did make a cheeky purchase from the Sandro Outlet Store, which is heaven in itself. I don’t ever buy designer or high-quality clothes, but bringing back something special from Paris is a must so I picked up a blue jumper which is just divine – I will be wearing it in some pictures soon, maybe even the haul video so keep your peepers peeled for that. It’s a beauty, trust me. Finally, you can’t go to Paris without visiting the pharmacies, and I was looking for the La Roche Posay Effaclar Toner which is an amazing exfoliant but ended picking up the Eau Thermale Avène Cleanance Micellar Water as I always need to take my makeup off on the coach home from London, I can’t stand the feeling of it on my skin after 6 hours and most waters I’ve tried have either stung or left a weird coating on my skin, but this is glorious – hypoallergenic, good for acne-prone skin, uber gentle and now a staple on my dressing table. Winners all round I think.

If you haven’t already, you can catch up with my Paris adventure more in my recent vlog here for a whirlwind 10 minutes abroad, and also don’t forget to subscribe to make sure you see my haul first!

Have you been hauling recently? Are you heading to Paris soon? What do you think of my Paris treats?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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