I think it’s safe to say our generation is a product of the internet and social media – we’ve helped create and push so much though technology that we’ve been more able to connect with others than before. So when faced with this new opportunity, do we always present an accurate representation of ourselves? Or is this is the key moment where we can become whoever we want to be and feel more alive without having to leave our beds?

Personally, I think I am different offline to how I am online, but I try to make my more confident side gloss over any IRL insecurities and awkwardness, which is why this week I thought I’d talk about who we become online and why we might do so.

In line with my recent friendship post and getting everything off my chest, I do feel better about how I act online and IRL (stop saying IRL Lauren or I’ll kick you right into IRL) yet there is always that question of how we distinguish ourselves from others, and whether it’s through more positivity based posts, food, or maybe one day it’ll be Q&A’s with lots of rambling and rifling through my bag, I will continue to be the person I want to be online and shared with you.

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Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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