I am someone who can get stressed very easily, and thanks to those good ol’hormones, said stress leads to my skin breaking out, nails going weak and my mind feeling like it’s going 1000000mph yet unable to process anything. Yeah, that.

Stress, acne and dealing with issues alone are things I want to talk about and share online. No one should feel alone or ashamed for having a skin issue, a down day or feel like they can’t talk to someone about there stress, and whilst my stress is leading to something positive, it still can be overwhelming and impact various areas of your life.

With all that in mind, I wanted to try something different with this weeks video which I hope you like – I’ve only ever wanted my blog to be a personal reflection of me and I hope that’s starting to come through with these videos and new style of editing and shooting I guess, so I hope you can all resonate with it.

In other more positive news, I am super excited to announce I will be talking at Blog Stock Festival on Friday 4th September about Healthy Living! Can’t quite believe it yet that I’m going to have to talk about a topic to people IRL, not in front of a screen so here’s hoping for success. If you fancy coming along, there’s a special 15% discount for those who use the code BLOVES15 at the checkout, so come along, meet some awesome online friends (me) and let’s chat healthy stuff!

Don’t forget to like the video if you enjoyed it and leave me a comment here and on the video telling me how you are feeling – sending hugs to you all – and also SUBSCRIBE for a new video every Tuesday at 9am.

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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