Sometimes you are just destined to end up in a certain place, and the events that led to me find this treasure trove of a tea room could only have been explained as divine intervention. When you’re exploring somewhere new, you want to sit and enjoy yourself in an environment you feel welcomed and friendly, and that’s exactly how I came across The Green Rooms of Godstone Tea Room.

Whilst we were on our way to another pub in the area (also heading in the wrong direction to said pub, or the right way if you want to follow divine intervention) we walked past the perfectly painted green building sticking out amongst all the other stores and houses, and after seeing tea and cake on the window we knew this was probably more up our street. But The Green Rooms is so much more than tea and cake, which is why I’m so desperate to go back again.

Immediately when I walked in I knew this tea room was exactly my kind of place – tall white painted brick walls you see on Pinterest daily clashed with Japanese and American cartoon influences, kitsch and anime, colourful yet pastel but working so so well. From pretty bunting to funny signs, the collective feel of the tea room was one to feel relaxed and chilled whilst indulging in the countryside.

Obviously I can’t forget the menu which was absolutely spectacular. Hungrier than previously thought, we shared a veggie breakfast with a slice of cake (covering all areas, as you do) and hands down, the mushrooms were some of the best I’ve ever tasted in my life and the cakes, oh my goodness the cakes – Parsnip, Apple and Walnut, Vegan Stick Toffee Pudding (I don’t like Sticky Toffee Pudding but this was just like Christmas in a sponge, not too sweet but just hit the spot); a note we can’t skip over is the fact that all meals are prepared fresh on site so if you do need to change a component in a dish to suit your diet, it’s not a problem at all and it was even more amazing to see lots of vegan and gluten free dishes being served up.

As well as my usual peppermint tea, I opted to try by first Bubble Tea which was very sweet and fruity but the balls busting in your mouth is so weird but makes the drink 10x more interesting – definitely hitting up the Bubble Tea bars in Chinatown!

Amidst all the eating was plenty of chatting, and we got to sit and talk to both the owners of the tea room, Jeremy and Sylvia, who are married and run the tea room 7 days a week without fail. Sylvia is a baker born and bread (excuse the pun) whilst you can see both Jeremy and Sylvia’s artist eye throughout the pieces selected in the tea room, and you can tell that love and care goes into each recipe made, each ingredient used and every connection they have with the customers and people who share their stories. 

We ended up spending about 4 hours in the tearoom, it was honestly one of the most relaxed and enjoyable tea rooms, heck the most relaxed place I’ve eaten a meal in my life so to say this is a treasure in the Southern countryside would be an understatement, especially since they have been listed as one of the Top 3 Tea Rooms in Surrey!

Food made with love and an environment that makes you feel welcomed amongst all the cakes is a place that needs to be shared, and I can’t wait to get back down South and spend long days sat in The Green Rooms – there’s a Sticky Toffee Pudding with my name on it…

Have you ever heard of The Green Rooms of Godstone? Do you like cute Pinterest, arty tea rooms? Have you tried Bubble Tea?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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