Following a plant-based diet has its pros and cons – pros are that you’re eating a lot of natural produce, fresh and clean plus the food you do consume contains ingredients you recognise; yup, all that good stuff! However, there are cons which include that you probably aren’t getting enough iron, calcium or other important vitamins and minerals that keep your body functioning as well as if you ate meat or fish regularly.

With that in mind (plus some other health things including acne and so on) I wanted to make sure I was giving my body the support it needs, so through a lot of research online with nutritionists and pharmaceutical brands I found a balance of supplements that have helped my insides feel fully functional and strong again.

So what kinds of supplements should we be incorporating into our diets? For me personally, I need a lot of liver support, magnesium, Vitamin D and omegas to help with immunity, digestion and a cleaner system. It’s also really important when starting out with supplements that you don’t try everything at once as you won’t be able to identify what is working well for you, which is why all of the supplements featured have been taken over the past two months as a process of elimination. Thankfully all of them have shown results, so if you are currently following or are thinking of a plant based lifestyle, take note…

Bio-Kult – I didn’t realise how important probiotics were until I had many in-depth chats with nutritionists and health enthusiasts. I was on antibiotics a few years ago and I’ve had a bit of bloat which flares up now and again (not from food, or babies, or food babies) so I started a multi-strain of Bio-Kult to give my gut a little bit of loving. Probiotics are great to help rebalance the healthy bacteria in your stomach, replenishing those lost from antibiotics treating infections or through IBS, traveller’s tummy or Leaky Gut symptoms. Our liver can struggle when we consume products we are sensitive to, which is where probiotics like Bio-Kult can help as well as…

Milk Thistle – With eating a plant-based diet and also struggling with hormonal imbalances, my liver really goes into overdrive and I’ve found during those times of the month I go a little yellow because my liver just can’t detox those pesky toxins quick enough. Milk Thistle is my little saviour then, being an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant which helps protect liver functions by blocking harmful toxins from entering the liver cells, helping the blood to be cleaned easily and also aid digestion. This thus helps acne also because it helps to excrete any excess hormones that are causing your skin and body to go out of whack a little so a brilliant supplement to take that helps heal inside out.

Bio Magnesium* – Magnesium is key for our daily body functions and making sure our muscles work correctly, and whilst there are tonnes of plant-based foods rich in this good stuff (spinach, avocado, almonds) sometimes we need an extra boost. As I’ve said before, I get stressed a lot and feel anxious or have restless legs, so my sources of magnesium are excreted more than what they should be meaning I’m left with weaker nails, painful knees and lots of stuck movement in my body. Since taking these Pharma Nord Bio Magnesium supplements, my nails have grown stronger and rarely split anymore which is a brilliant improvement, and I’ve also felt calmer and more able to get off to sleep than before which is always great news. These dissolve really easily and are easy to swallow, plus they are vegan friendly too which is a huge bonus!

Royal Green Fish Oil* – There is some debate as to whether vegans/plant-based diets should consume fish oils and whilst I personally don’t eat fish because of the taste, I find fish oils a great source of essential omegas, especially from a natural brand like Royal Green. These particular supplements have no aftertaste and are free from PCBs and heavy metals (all ethically sourced too!) and provide your body with essential omega-3 fatty acids to help with cholesterol and bone health. Fish oils do also help regulate oestrogen, so again, if you have a hormonal imbalance these may help you. If you are looking for an alternative to fish oils for omega acids, then algae and chia seeds are a great option as is flax which can help lower oestrogen naturally (just be aware of how much you consume). Walnuts are also another fabulous source so get snacking when you can, plus Hemp milk is the creamiest yet most delicious milk alternative I’ve tried, and it’s high in omegas and vitamin D!

Royal Green Multi Woman* – For any general boost to your immunity, vitamins and minerals, a multi vitamin is a great way to help keep your body working in order. I take the Royal Green vitamins as the superfoods are extracted from natural sources without pesticides – no chemicals or stabilisers here thank you. Multi Vitamins contain everything from Vitamin C to Iron and Zinc so if you’re wanting to give your body an extra nudge then this is the perfect way to start helping your body.

Royal Green Vitamin B Complex* – Vitamin B covers so many different functions – B2 helps with temporary stress and fatigue, whilst B1, 3 and 6 help with memory and concentration. B12 is essential especially for vegans, so to make it even more vegan friendly (yep you guessed it) all the ingredients in this Vitamin B complex are naturally sourced – lavender, turmeric, ginger and more all contribute to a natural boost in essential B vitamins. Vitamin B also helps convert oestrogen into less harmful forms and helps to release energy too so if you want that extra balance especially at lady time, it’s time to head to the Bs.

The most important thing when taking supplements is to find what works for your body, however I can’t help but recommend Milk Thistle and Magnesium for helping my body work from the inside out again. It’s amazing how a few added vitamins and minerals can realign something on the inside, but the proof is in the…supplement I guess, that working inside out can help with everything from diet to hormonal imbalances to general wellbeing.

Supporting your body is key, whether you’re plant-based or not – think about how you can give your various systems a nudge in the right direction and see how supplements can help support you!

Do you take any supplements for your diet? Have you ever tried these products before? How do you work out what your body needs for support?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

This post is in collaboration with Pharma Nord, however all views are my own and have tested all these products long-term to know they work!

Some products in this post may have been sent for review or gifted, and will be marked with a * or c/o. All opinions are mine are not influenced by brands or companies. Please see my full disclaimer for more. 

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