If you thought Homesense was only candles, sofas and little trinkets for your humble abode, then you’d be wrong. Yes, the land I call my second home thanks to amount of candles I keep adding to my basket also houses some fabulous beauty, lifestyle and food treasures which are all also available at a bargain price (and totally save your life when planning your first holiday in a few years!)

At the end of the month I’ll be heading off to Paris for a few days which is so exciting, and being the planner I am, I’ve started picking up some new bits that can make my trip go as smoothly as possible – from beauty to electronics, it’s safe to say my needs will be well covered…

Travel toiletry bags are an absolute must and as I’m only going away for a few days, something small is enough to suffice which is why I fell absolutely head over heels for this pink ‘Beauty’ toiletry bag* – fits in all my minis and a couple of lipsticks too which is all you ever really need on a quick trip across the Channel! One new-must have I’ll be taking along with me is Rosehip Oil* and I picked up this graciously sized bottle for a couple of pounds in the Homesense beauty aisle and so far it’s been working miracles on my skin – redness, blemishes, scars and uneven skin-tone all reduced in a few days, it really is the miracle people say it is.

A new city means experimenting with a new fragrance and since
Michael Kors White Eau de Parfum* made it’s way into my beauty drawer it’s been a daily staple; the notes of freesia and tuberose compliment one another beautifully for a fresh first spritz that mellows outs into a warm and floral base thanks to addition of white musk, lingering on the skin all day long for a much more day-friendly sexy fragrance.

Even though I’m aiming to switch off a bit on holiday, there’s definitely a few essential pieces of kit I’ll be popping in my bag, mainly my portable charger which is a life saver if you use your phone for vlogging or editing photos for Instagram as much as I do, plus it holds up to 4 chargers (pending you leave your phone to charge instead of just walking around with it plugged in the whole day, doh). I’ve only got one pair of headphones which I’ve used to death so picked up this purple pair* from Homesense and the bass is just insane – even my classical music playlist sounds intense playing it through these, another bargain as well for something so essential. Whilst I’m away, I’m hoping to get some outfit shots or maybe even vlog on my camera during the trip and this Pixi Tripod* that I picked up at a Manfrotto event a few weeks ago has been a life saver – it’s easy to attach to any DSLR or camera, it can stand at different heights and is super lightweight so you can use it as a stick for vlogging if you have short arms *ahem* or to pop in the bathroom for a GRWM video – what was my life before this?!

Lastly, to make sure I pack all of these things is a list book and this gorgeous blue number* was a real find in the stationary aisle of Homesense. I’m a real sucker for nice paper and bold yet simple designs and this has all the right margins to create a Pinterest perfect list, so I’ll be making sure I add all of these items on including the Raw Cocoa chocolate bar* which caught my attention at the till point when buying all of these items – well, chocolate keeps your energy up and metabolism going right? Essential for all the walking you know…

The lesson here? Don’t judge a homeware store before you delve deeper inside it, you could find some absolute skincare godsends and some 100% essential stationary that you obviously need because who doesn’t need another notebook right? Right. Homesense to the rescue again!

Are you off on any holidays this year? What is your course of packing action? Have you tried Homesense for your last minute holiday essentials?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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