If the title wasn’t enough of a hint, then prepare yourself for the upcoming Instagram spam – I’m heading to Paris! This is my first holiday in about two years so there’s a mix of excitement and also a realisation of just how much time is required to plan packing, transport, work and even what the weather is doing – I have become too accustomed to day trips, I am not prepared.

But as I said, I am really excited for this little trip. Paris has been on my re-visit wishlist for ages now, plus it would be safe to say I need a break. Working away on this blog and more recently my YouTube channel has been hard yet enjoyable, and I honestly don’t allow myself days off because I want my content to be the best it can be and I also want to see it grow positively. Over the last few weeks I’ve shared little insights into stress, acne breakouts, general feelings of ‘I don’t want to leave my cave’ that I’ve been having due to all the things that are currently going on in my life, and what I previously envisaged as a family holiday is now a big breather.

Holidays are for relaxing, enjoying yourself, exploring and experiencing culture (more realistically, food) and to have, well, a holiday from your every day. So until Saturday, I’m going AWOL. No scheduled posts bar tomorrow’s video which goes up before I leave, no endless hours scrolling twitter seeing what’s going on and trying yet ultimately failing to join chats because I have too much in my headspace. I’m switching off my phone and brain for a few days so that I can learn to love myself again.

I feel that my content is starting to head into a better place, my photos are starting to become what I want them to be, I’m seeing new opportunities come every day, however it’s starting to feel stuck; I feel stuck. Unique and original content is something I’ve strived for since late last year and it’s begun to feel hard, so before I let myself go under or become overloaded, I need to allow myself a break. I’ve been caring for others for four years and now I need to take care of myself.

Sadly I had to give up my talk at Blogstock which is a real knock but there’s been a lot going on and it wasn’t in line with other plans, and I’ve also had to let myself accept other factors so that I can actually deal with life as it is without having another massive breakdown. But to remain positive, as this space on the internet aspires to be, the focus of this trip is to relax and rediscover what it is I love and enjoy. I love photography, and whilst I photograph for my blog daily I haven’t engaged in other aspects I once did daily – street photography, arty creative shots, looking for shape and colour in the quietest places, relaxing and eating food, walking around and marvelling at culture, so much that we take for granted when pushing ourselves so hard.

Reading this back, it looks like one big moan which I absolutely despair – it’s not something I like to do and I feel it’s one big eye-roll for most people to see someone waffle on about ‘how hard life is, woe is me’ however a few people have said to me that I don’t stop, so I think it’s fair enough to say that Paris is definitely a necessity right now. I won’t be completely off the internet as there is hotel wifi and Instagram snaps of French cliches to upload, plus whilst there are no new posts I will be scheduling out some tweets from the archives so please do come back and have a read, but rest assured I’ll be making a bit more time for me, human interaction, and hopefully some yummy food (I’m on a vegan quest, don’t you worry).

TLDR I’ve been working for two years solid and it’s finally time for a break. I’m throwing on some stripes and red lipstick, packing my basics, and heading to Paris to explore some culture and myself. See you on Instagram!

Are you in serious need of a break? Have you been to Paris recently? How do you relax and get your mojo back?
P.S If you’ve been to Paris recently or know a good spot or 5 for lunch or things to do, leave me a comment below!

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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