Excuse you August but where are you running off to? I swear I was typing up my July Favourites yesterday, but no, August has passed in the blink of an eye and tomorrow it’s officially Autumn. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than excited for jumpers, dark colours and all the warm scented candles, but I bet you anything that September will give us one week of intense heat and then chuck it down in that typical British it always does. England you tease.

I’m getting ahead of myself here, it’s still August for now, so let’s see what’s made this month’s hit list of favourite things (plus some really exciting news!)…

Let’s talk rings: they’re my favourite accessory and the easiest way to update an outfit (plus the only thing I can wear without feeling I’m covered in metal and chains) and after months, years of searching for a dainty and simple design to wear every day I finally found the perfect pieces from JewelleryBox.co.uk. I raved about them in this post here, but for gorgeous and really high quality rings that don’t leave any green marks and have a reasonable price, gives JewelleryBox.co.uk a search.

Another thing I love a lot is tea, and I must admit that until Clipper got in contact with me that I hadn’t ever tried green tea. Despite all the benefits it gives, I was v. happy with my herbal selection but I’ve now become acquired to the taste of Green Lemon Tea* and Green Ginger and Lime Tea*, plus how cute it the packaging? I wrote a little post on how I enjoy my tea whilst relaxing here which should be going up shortly, so make sure you give it a read (and enjoy with a cup of tea, obvs).

You’ve probably seen a lot of my Instagram snaps over the last week of my trip to Paris, and it’s safe to see a holiday for the first time in two years was just what I needed. No blog planning, minimal social media, just allowing myself to go and enjoy my time away. One thing I wanted to do was reignite my passion for photography, so before going away I made a little purchase of the Olympus Pen E-PL7 which I have to admit does live up to the reviews and quality you hear about from bloggers. I’m quite picky with camera tech and thought 16MP and a kit lens wouldn’t be as good as I expected, but needing something smaller and good quality for travel and events, I made the plunge (if you can call it a plunge, £350 is very reasonable for this amazing camera) and I’m so impressed. Tomorrow’s video was filmed entirely on the Olympus Pen and it looks awesome as do the photos so look out for the vlog tomorrow and a photo diary soon. If you’re looking for a smaller and more portable camera, I highly recommend you give this some consideration!

So let’s talk beauty, and I’ve finally seen improvement in my skin after this prolonged acne breakout I’ve been having – can I get an amen?! Whilst I’m still looking into all causes and reasons behind it, some important skincare rediscoveries have been made that really help spots and lumps get on their way. I spoke about both the Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream and Urtekram Zinc Cream* in both my Rediscovered Acne Skincare Post and What’s in my Travel Beauty Bag? Video but the jist is that these both work to calm hormones, kill bacteria and prevent excess sebum in the skin to help those breakouts heal quickly (pro tip: I mix these two together in a thick mask, reapply three times a day when I don’t have to see other humans and leave it to sink in overnight too. The next morning, your skin will look incredible and renewed).

Another fabulous discovery this month has been Green People, and I’ve had the odd sample over the years but I finally did my research into how this vegan and natural brand could help me. This month I’ve been using the Anti-Ageing Facial Oil* which contains Rosehip, Almond and Avocado – essential fatty acids, brilliant for blemishes and plumping the skin – and I’ve seen any lingering marks and more attacked areas of my face calm and come back to life; a little natural miracle if you will!

I’m always looking for the lightest, easiest base to slap on my face for good coverage and a natural finish, so I’ve become a firm fan of the Green People Age Defy DD Cream* – now I know there’s BB, CC, DD and now even EE creams, but this specific property is aimed at skin that needs a big of coverage, some sun protection, and a bit of a skincare pick-me-up. It’s labelled as a tinted moisturiser which I would agree with due to it’s slightly thicker consistency, however it does so much more – infused with Sea Fennel Stem Cells, this product helps your cells renew and deliver intense moisture without feeling too heavy. The colour range is limited but you can easily mix this with other base products to achieve a more natural finish, but Light is a great summer colour on me that can be blended out to a more natural base too. If you’re looking for a minimal base that feels good all day long plus helps your skin, you need to go green.

Speaking of beauty….something pretty awesome happened: I got shortlisted in the #BloggersBlogAwards for Best Long Standing Beauty Blog! I didn’t ask any of you lovely lot to nominate me so to find out I’d been put in the Top 5 with some much more awesome beauty ladies is such an honour. I’m probably going to do a more in-depth ‘thank you plz vote for me is this IRL?!’ post but for now, thank you so much for the nominations and if you’d like to vote for me, that would be so wonderful and you can click the link here or below to go vote for me and some of your other faves!

I guess I can let August off a little bit then, it’s been pretty awesome. Awards, travel and opportunities – let’s see what you can do September…

Have you voted in the #BloggersBlogAwards yet? What have you loved this month? Are you ready for autumn?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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