Blogging is amazing, it allows so many people with something to say feel able to share or discuss their views on various topics with other likeminded people. Since posting my views on friendship last week – which I have to also say thank you for as well, your support and understanding means so much, and whilst a lot of you felt the same I really hope this is something we can work on resolving in our lives – I have been thinking a lot about what blogging has taught me outside of skills and brand work, the closer knit community and voice we all gain through posting online.

If you ever feel like a small voice in a large crowd, or just want to reignite your love for typing away aimlessly on the web, I can guarantee that at least 1 of these 5 Brilliant Things about blogging will ring true for you.

1. You can be honest and people will understand

Blogging has allowed us to push the boundaries on so many topics in the last few years – depression, anxiety, anorexia, abuse, loneliness, grief and more have become so openly discussed that it’s slowly losing stigma, and what we once feared sharing now opens up a whole new side of a community. Okay, I will link back to post my thoughts on friendship and success as an example, but we easily forget that online you can be whoever you want to be and not necessarily display a true representation of who we are (spoilers for tomorrow’s video wut) but when we do have those moments of ‘here is my story or experience with this thing that I want to share’, 99% of the time people feel the same. Nearly everyone can grasp why you feel the way you do or how you are dealing with something, and if that isn’t support then I don’t know what is.

2. Positivity and kindness is valued

As is honesty. We seem to be a wave of bloggers who won’t settle for less than decency, fairness and kindness throughout the industry, and whilst not everyone calls out issues there is a larger general consensus that looks out for others. You may have only spoken to someone online once but when the moment arises for positivity and a ‘hey girl your post/ootd/new video was amazing, keep up the good work’ then there’s always someone there who’s got your back. Even if it’s a jokey ‘lol ur okay m8’ because let’s be honest, those people are probably your best friends (cheeky jokers).

3. Opportunities are all around you

Bloggers and bloggers before us have proven you can create anything from an online platform – makeup lines, books, films, TV series, radio shows, fashion lines, you name it we’ve done it! Even as a still emerging industry, everyone with 10,000,000 followers to those with 10 have access to amazing opportunities – I for one have been given the chance to speak at a festival which is beyond cool (and nerve-racking, all the nerves!) whilst others have built up brand partnerships to become ambassadors, creating communities and networks that have helped bring explore to undiscovered talent and show just how powerful our voices are. Enter writing contests, share your photography, engage with people of all levels – we can make this into a career if we want to, you never know where it could lead.

4. No one cares if you have spots

Or if you stay in your pjs all day. The only people who do care are the ones trying to bring you down and they don’t count, there’s no room for that here and through vlogs, posts where we share our journeys, even campaigns like Em’s #YouLookDisgusting have proven that in the grander scheme of things, all the stigma we were taught about having spots being gross and embarrassing, how being in your pjs means you’re lazy and can’t be bothered to work or do anything are just rubbish. We all have skin, we all have hormones, we all have levels of comfort and awareness, and we all have our reasons for being our pjs so embrace the ‘dressed up top, casual bottoms’ situation we all rock on a regular occurrence and continue the journey towards spots and pjs being perfectly normal to see IRL.

5. Blogging is whatever you want it to be

Want to talk about food? Be my guest, everyone loves food! Like to share your style picks and tips? Throw them over, I’ve been stuck in stripes for a year. You can blog about whatever you like, and whilst not everyone will resonate with your style or topic of choice, we all appreciate the passion behind the posts, the effort and enjoyment gone into creating them. Blog to share your daily life, your thoughts and fears, to inspire someone to take baby steps towards a happier and positive lifestyle, to make people drool at their desk come 9:07am because that’s always a sure sign you’ve done well. We all start out feeling we have to be a certain tick box to ‘get ahead’ or fit in, but allow your voice and content to grow, experiment with styles of writing and design, use it to connect and make friends, and ultimately, let it show the community and world how amazing you are and how you can be a positive influence on the world!

What lessons have you learnt from blogging? Why do you love to blog? Have you overcome anything through your time online?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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