What a week it’s been in Britain, with some of the hottest scorching sunshine in a decade (thank you v. much, not that I got out in it too much because yanno, I was melting and hay fever is real people) and of course the start of Wimbledon. I always forget it’s going on until you head over to Twitter and it’s commentary everywhere, plus there’s nothing better than coming together on the Sunday for the final – will Murray win again? That would just tick off the checklist for a brilliant week wouldn’t it?

Personally I like to watch it on the TV so you soak up the atmosphere more, see the events unfold infront of you, however with weather like this scheduled for another week, what better way to celebrate the classic British sport than a picnic filled with strawberries and a bit of sunshine?

No picnic is complete without a comfy area to sit on and I’m so glad that I found this amazing blanket and cushion from Homesense – the blanket can double up as a tablecloth for summer al-fresco dining and it’s even perfect for the beach, plus for only £12.99 you can’t afford to miss a deal like that. The cushion of course matches my aesthetic, and I have to admit it’s cushy on your tooshie – great if you’re sitting or sunbathing for hours at a time and need some support.

Speaking of sunbathing, my go-to reading material of the week has been The Goddess Guide which we spotted in a SacconeJolys vlog and now I can’t put it down – I want to be the ultimate Goddess, and have perfumed hair that is flirtatious and vintage designer bags and scarves to hand in my wardrobe, but I digress…

As we’re in Wimbledon mode, it wouldn’t be a picnic without strawberries! Make them the star of the show whilst listening to the tennis commentary by presenting them in lovely ceramic bowls – these gorgeous blue spotty ones* were handmade in Portugal and are under £3! Anything else you serve, make sure it’s sealable so no flies come hunting for a snack, and I picked up a 3-piece set* to hold all my salad bits in to plate up easily when the lunchtime hangries come around.

What better way to quench your thirst too than with some refreshing cucumber water (hydrating and detoxing to the body, perfect on a hot day) and I’m currently obsessed with mason jars even if I am a bit late on the hype, but I found the perfect glass one in my local Homesense which is great for drinks or even as a flower vase – just make sure you rinse it out before you drink from it okay?

Get packing your suncream, a basket filled with chilled drinks and plastic plates, and head on out into the sunshine this weekend to soak up the glorious British sunshine and savour in some edge-of-your-seat sports playing – all whilst you kick back and devour the strawberries, that’s pretty much game set match if you ask me 😉

Have you been picnicking in the sunshine this week? Are you enjoying the sunshine and Wimbledon? Will you be heading to Homesense for some bargain picnic pieces?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

P.S. If you’re looking for something really unique for your home, Homesense are launching a special collection of handmade homewares that have been created by artists in Africa to support their local communities – from July 13th you’ll be able to pick up a really unique find so keep your eyes peeled!

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