I’ve been blogging nearly 3 years now yet I’ve never done a What I Ate Wednesday post – the madness, what cliches I am failing to fulfil! Seeing as it is Wednesday and I am a big lover of food, I decided today was the day to share with you what I eat most days, and how varied a vegan/plant based diet can be. Apologies if you drool at the screen, I wish I could eat it all again too…


My breakfast has been the same for the past year – yes, I get very stuck in my days but this breakfast just hits the spot for me. In current rotation is porridge made with Almond Milk and mashed banana, topped with almonds, pumpkin seeds and honey – and I know, honey isn’t vegan however as explained in this post, my reasons for being vegan are more health based rather than ethical.

Personally, I think hemp milk is one of the best dairy free alternatives I’ve tried because it’s super creamy yet it contains lots of essential vitamins and nutrients that vegans can miss out on (Vitamin D and Omega 3, great if you never go outside or eat fish) so when you are looking for alternative produce, see which suits you needs best. Almonds are key sources of fatty acids and keep you fuller for longer alongside oats, plus banana contains potassium and fibre which makes you go ‘whoosh’ to the toilet. Sorry for the TMI, but it does help.

To top it all off I have my morning ritual of Pukka Herbs Three Mint Tea, the best mint tea around in my opinion. It really helps relax the insides, freshens the palate, and wakes you up to start a new day easily – you can get my day started any time if you mention food.


Usually I switch between rye bread and quinoa at lunchtime but today was a quinoa bowl kind of day – hooray for quinoa! I like to vary my textures, colours and flavours so I’ve mixed up some wilted spinach with cooked red and white quinoa, fresh cherry tomatoes, avocado, houmous, beetroot, pumpkin seeds and cucumber in one big bowl of deliciousness.

Cooked spinach allows the nutrients to be absorbed much easier into the digestive system, making the process of digestion easier also, and cucumbers are a fabulous source of hydration and can also prevent bloating throughout the day. Quinoa as you may know is a fabulous source of protein so if you’re vegan or vegetarian, quinoa your life up now! Again, houmous and avocado are key sources of fatty acids and good fats that help your muscles and body function correctly, and by varying the colours, flavours and textures of your meals, you’ll be able to absorb a wide range of nutrients and vitamins your body needs to work best.

There are some people who say ‘breakfast like a king, lunch like a joker, dinner like a pauper’ but a meal that fills you up for 5-6 hours, has a wide range of food groups and also makes you say YUUMMM is a good meal to have indeed – have more of those meals!


Can we give it up for leftovers? The only saviour when you work too long and need food right here right now. I whipped up a delicious version of my Vegan Bolognese but added in some Encona Korean BBQ Marinade for a bit of heat and depth of flavour, seriously amazing and filling for the tummy!

Sweet Potato and Carrot add a bit of bulk to the dish and contains great sources of beta-carotene and carbohydrates, plus the shredded Mushrooms had the same texture as mince so you’ll be none the wiser (and lower in saturated fats, brilliant plus). Again, quinoa for protein as I don’t eat pasta and a mixture of textures keeps this dish interesting – crunchy spinach to compliment the hot, stewed sauce is seriously so so good, and if you want an extra acidic kick for flavour then beetroot is also awesome in this dish.

All day, I’ve been sipping cucumber water to keep my digestion going, clear my skin and keep the bloat at bay and it definitely more delicious (and friendly on the teeth) than lemon water. A cleansing drink and a heavy bowl of comfort food, what’s not to love?!

Hopefully you found some inspiration for your next few meals from this post, and you can see that it’s super easy to eat a range of meals even on a plant based diet! If you’re looking for some budget options, then check out my £15 shop post because you will be amazed at what a small amount of food can bring to your plate. So now that I’ve done What I Ate Wednesday, what other blogging must have posts should I try….?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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