I’m a huge lover of comfort food, even more so when you can cook it quickly – ingredients thrown together in one pot, transforming into an amazing meal that solves all your life problems; pure heaven. One thing I don’t cook a lot of anymore is pasta and tomato sauce; I think at one point in my life pasta and tomato sauce was a weekly ritual because it’s so easy to cook, and nearly every other week I was devouring a bowl of my Dad’s bolognese (oh how times have changed). 

Both of these dishes were brilliant examples of hearty dishes that can do your tummy no wrong, so when I was looking for something filling and comforting to eat the other day, I thought to myself ‘why not try to make a vegan bolognese?’ I tried a similar recipe a while ago when I tested out a home delivery service from Gousto, but decided to give it my own simple twist – nothing too fancy, just straight up healthy versions of a classic dish that every body loves with a kick that will make you want seconds again and again.


2 Sweet Potatoes, Peeled | 6 Mushrooms | 3 Red Onions | Tomato Sauce | Garlic | Chilli | Balsamic Vinegar | Mixed Herbs | Quinoa or Pasta of choice

1. Heat some oil in a frying pan with the chopped garlic and on a medium heat, soften the sliced onions until the white has turned clear. 

2. Dice and peel the sweet potatoes, combining with the onions and allow to cook for 5 minutes before adding in the tomato sauce and turning up to a high heat to cook the veg through.

4. When you’ve added your sauce, flavour to taste with balsamic vinegar, chilli and mixed herbs until it tastes full bodied, comforting and just as good as when your Dad made it (minus the wine, add wine if you want to go all out on the flavour!). 

5. Whilst the sweet potato is softening, grate your mushrooms until it resembles minced beef – if there’s chunks, that makes it all better for texture! Stir in the grated mushrooms and allow to simmer and infuse for 20 minutes on a low-medium heat before turning off the heat and mixing in your chosen base. Taste regularly to make sure the flavour is just right.

6. Serve at a just-hot temperature as it is or with some delicious greens – I like mine with spinach, avocado and, surprisingly, beetroot (the flavour is amazing!) Quick home cooked comfort food – done.

This makes enough for 4 or if you’re looking for batch meals, this can last up to 2/3 days in the fridge (I had it for dinner, lunch and then dinner again – I’m literally a potato now). Whether you’re looking for a healthier alternative to a classic or just want some quick good ol’fashioned simple comfort food, you cannot beat a bit of bolognese.

Are you a fan of bolognese? Will you be trying this vegan alternative? What is your favourite comfort food?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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