When it comes to spending money, there are certain things that require a pretty penny or two (or a few hundred, depending on what you’re shelling out for). As I’ve gotten older, my understanding of investment has changed and become a lot more focused than what it was when I was 16 – I have bank statements tracking the various Topshop deliveries to prove it.

A while ago I spoke about the importance of expense vs investment which amazingly lots of you resonated with, so I thought I’d focus a little bit more on the things that really are worthy of your investment and why you should be considering their value.


You have one set of skin to last you a lifetime, so it’s important you treat it with love and kindness. We’re quick to attack it when it breaks out and slather on piles of product to try make it look okay, but really it’s crucial that we examine and meet it’s needs – is it dry? Dehydrated? Oily? Prone to breakouts? Not only should you consider spending money on products, but also invest time into making sure you understand why your skin reacts the way it does – no two people share the exact skin, so get your hands on some samples, read a few blogs, and see what you can do to make yours feel good for years to come.


Again, spending time and money on makeup is a process but the more you learn about what suits you and what you value most can make your core selection of products really go the distance. I think we all learnt a valuable lesson from Dream Matte Mousse that orange toned skin wasn’t a good look, so make time to get to know your base – MAC has an amazing offering of cool and warm toned foundations which you can use to find formulas and colours to suit you across various brands, and if there’s one thing you should be investing in it’s your base. Foundation is the primary platform to any look so whether you find a great drugstore product to suit your needs or a more luxurious high-end formula that works with your complexion and skin-tone better, get to know your colouring and what you want from a product before you make the investment – the more time you invest, the more worthwhile and beneficial the product is to use!


If you have a passion, something that allows you to unleash and utilise it is worthy consideration. Love graphic design? Invest in some software! Want to take your photos to the next level? Consider a new lens of camera body to make those images really stand out. Purchasing my Macbook, DSLR and editing software really helped me explore new areas of photography and tech that previously I couldn’t and whilst the large drop of money makes you want to cry, I use all of them every day and it’s made my goals (and passion) much more achievable.

Food and Health

As I said with skincare, you only have one body so it’s important to look after it! As well as exercise, nourishing your organs and muscles from within is so important to ensure your body can perform and work effectively, and sometimes it requires you to spend a bit more money on things to help you. Eating is quite necessary to keep performance levels high (it’s also gosh darn tasty too, the more food the merrier) and if you have a specific diet, it’s crucial you find ways to keep meals exciting but also packed with nutrients that you may be lacking. Personally on a vegan diet, I take supplements and eat my weight in sweet potatoes, green veggies and quinoa and I’m still going, but investing in organic produce now and again is great if you want to up the anti on your eating. Food is important, don’t scrimp on it and there’s always a way to eat healthy on a budget.


I think this is one that most of us struggle with – whether it’s wanderlust or allowing ourselves to pay a large sum for something that may not last long but will bring you a lot of joy in the meantime. I have had occasions where I’m invited to go somewhere yet the journey to said event is nearly £40 – absolute madness, why is transport so expensive?! Take a good long look at yourself and ask ‘will this event make me happy? What will I gain from going? Will I look back in 10 years and remember it, or will it just be a thing I did?’. If all the answers are positive, hey, it’s only money, it’s a thing – I mean it would be great if we still traded in material possessions because I have a few things I’d trade for a train ticket or 50 – but if we can get over our fear of spending money on something that makes us happy and is worthwhile, then we’ll all probably be much more content and balanced people. This is probably more for me than anyone else but it still applies, go and experience life!

Whether you’re stuck about buying a product for your skin, investing in some foods that will help your diet, or whether you’ve been staring at photos of the Maldives for months on end but are too scared to make a deposit – GO DO IT. Invest, be happy in your choices, spend your time thinking about and living with the things that make you grow as a person, and let yourself chill out a bit more. Invest in what makes you happy, invest in things you enjoy, invest in you.

What things do you like to spend money or time investing in? Have you made a big investment that’s made a positive influence on your life? How will you be investing yourself in things in the future?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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