Sunday; a day of rest and a chance to pamper your socks off. I find Sundays my day of both relaxation and productivity which is a bit odd seeing as they don’t necessarily go hand in hand, but do love a bit of a pamper (in fact, I may just it one step further and make this weekend one whole pamper weekend, I have several face masks in mind to sort out my face at the mo, skin can you not?)

Anyway, to get you in the pamper mood this morning I popped up a GRWM routine from my trip to London recently – that marble bathroom though? Can you dig? All my favourite cleansing and nourishing products to get you feeling awesome in the morning, and give you that little bit of a treat in the AM – maybe not 5am like me though….

I tried to be a little bit creative too with this video, and I have to say that being on youtube for a few months now and watching new people every day has made me experiment so much more with the content I’m producing – I want to try new things and talk about topics that help me share my message of positivity and healthy lifestyle so thank you too all of those who have subscribed so far, I can’t wait to hit 1000 subs in the future and try to work on my animation a bit more. Isn’t the internet great at bringing things together? But anyway, come GRWM and have a fabulous Sunday!

Don’t forget to like the video if you want to see more GRWM videos, comment telling me your pamper routine favourites and of course subscribe here for videos every Tuesday at 9am!

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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