I’m the kind of person who won’t compromise on food – you’ll usually find me taking crates of tomatoes apart in the aisles of Sainsbury’s to find the latest date possible, or weighing out cost per kilogram because my mum taught me how to save money like a pro. Saying that, quality is important and usually that means spending an extra 50p here or there on produce which may not seem a lot, but when you notch up your food bill it can be pretty scary – whoever decided fresh healthy produce had to cost more than ready meals needs a good talking to IMO.

So what food can you actually get for your money these days to transform into delicious meals lasting you all week? Well, £15 can do quite a bit as it turns out. Now, I’m going to honest and say you won’t be having a wide variety of meals, but for £15 you can make large batch meals that can be spruced up with spices and things you already have in your cupboard, plus they’ll be super nutritious and healthy so you can feel even better about your bargain shop!

For a £15 shop, you can get…

Sweet Potatoes (£1.25 per kg)

Uncooked Quinoa (£1.80 for 300g)

Frozen Sliced Peppers (£1.50 for 750g)

Porridge Oats (£1.70 for 1.5kg)

Almond Milk (£1 per litre)

Mixed Nuts (£1.70 for 100g)

Blueberries (£2.00 for 200g)

Whole Cucumber (45p)

Ripen at Home Avocados (£1.75 for 4)

Spinach (£1.50 for 260g)

Broccoli (50p for 335g)

Total = £15.15 (based on a Sainsburys shop as of 6th July)

Whether this shop is your weekly top up alongside a monthly cupboard stock or to make a week’s worth of food for you and your housemates, these 11 basic items can be rustled up into many yummy meals.


Porridge with Almond Milk, Blueberries and Mixed Nuts – Porridge is great in the morning as it helps release energy slowly, keeping you fuller for longer and providing you with a strong start to the day. Blueberries contain loads of antioxidants to keep your skin and body nourished (especially if they’re in season – always buy seasonally) plus nuts are a great source of protein and essential fats that support your muscles too.


Avocado on Toast – Keep yourself full until the evening with this quick and versatile meal; Avocado is packed with vitamins and fatty acids that benefit the skin, and the toast will help you release energy slowly again – try Rye Bread or Whole Wheat bread for a healthy alternative to white. Top with spinach for some Vitamin E and texture, plus some slices of cucumber for silica to help skin and replenish any lost water during the day (tomatoes and some chill sauce are also a fab addition too if you have some in the fridge!)

Superfood Salad – Perfect to make in a batch and eat for lunch or dinner, you can literally throw anything in and it’ll taste awesome. My favourite version consists of quinoa, sweet potato roasted in honey and cinnamon, grated carrot, spinach, cucumber, spring onions, maybe some pomegranate seeds if you’re feeling swish and some toasted pumpkin seeds – so much YUM. The key to this is mixing up flavour and texture, so add in tomatoes, lemon juice, beetroot – anything to make it your own!


Veggie Stir-fry – Perfect as leftovers, whip up a large pan of broccoli, frozen peppers, quinoa and diced sweet potato, add in some spice and top with wilted Spinach and sliced Avocado – wish bash bosh!

Sweet Potato Mash with Quinoa and Veg – basically a re-imagined version of the stir-fry, but super duper yummy and filling. Boil the potato until soft (throw in some carrot if you’re feeling crazy), cook the quinoa and steam your veg, layer it up with some spinach and top with guacamole or beans – whatever takes your fancy – for a filling dinner to sink you right into your seat.

Moroccan Harissa Enchiladas – #spon because this is my fave easy dinner recipe of all time that I just so happened to conjure up here on the blog. You can follow the recipe here, but if you’ve got some tomato sauce, chilli, wraps and onions lingering about, you need to make this immediately . It will make your week.

So many yummy recipes for £15! Although it’s easier to whip up recipes for dinner, it really helps you plan ahead for when you come home after a long day of work or uni and mixes up your taste buds a bit. If you’re anything like me, I stick to the same breakfast and lunch so try switching it up with different toppings or ingredients – banana and honey on your porridge one day, cinnamon and strawberries the next, avocado on your toast and the next add some houmous, go crazy!

Whether you’re looking to get the most out of a weekly shop, or just want to build upon your monthly basics shop with some fresher ingredients, eating on a budget has never been easier or cheaper – now, time to whip up some Enchiladas…

Do you buy food on a budget? What are your favourite types of quick healthy meals? Would you like to see any specific budget meals on the blog?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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