There’s something so good about vinyl – the music feels more appreciated, has more depth, and adds this amazing atmosphere that CD and downloads just don’t quite have. Don’t get me wrong, I love plugging myself in and getting lost in the lands of Muse, One Direction and 80’s throwbacks, but since dabbling in vinyl, I’ve had a new appreciation for music that I didn’t before.

Last September I was lucky enough to win a Crosley Keepsake at #BloggersFestival thanks to Urban Outfitters and ever since then I’ve been hooked on trying to find classic vinyls – lots of old 80’s number will do me just fine. As well as the record player I won four records also which I love to background atmosphere, but when Urban Outfitters asked if I wanted to listen to some of my favourite albums on vinyl and share how I look after my record player, I couldn’t wait to dig it out of the shelf again.

The Crosley Keepsake is quite a big record player which makes it a great feature in any room, and whilst I mostly keep it downstairs for entertaining, it’s great to bring it upstairs and switch everything off around me, indulging in a little musical session. I’ve been loving a few albums at the moment and was so impressed with the range of albums Urban Outfitters has in it’s collection – including four of my current favourites which was a huge win for me, so I swiftly (excuse the pun) picked out FKA Twigs ‘LP1’, Ed Sheeran ‘X’, Jamie xx ‘In Colour’ and Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ – I’m seriously out of the loop with 1989, but now I am a complete Swifty convert, she is a babe.

But really, I want to talk about why I love my Crosley – I love it because it makes you appreciate the music more, the fact you have to switch off and be aware you need to flip the record is enough to keep you focused on the music and indulge in the sounds; I love it because it’s a fabulous piece for the home that you can get your friends involved with, sitting and enjoying the process of choosing music; I love it because you care more about the records and player, making sure it doesn’t break or scratch, that the needle is sharp and clean and the player is a dust-free zone (no one likes a scratched record!)

I am 100% a convert to vinyl now, it’s so relaxing and my records are getting just as much play as my downloads which shows just how great it is. If you’re a lover of music, collecting classics and appreciating the cool vibe of vinyl, then you seriously need a record player! Looking after them isn’t hard either, just check out this video on the UO blog for tips to keeping yours in tip-top condition, and it’ll create an amazing vibe that you won’t hear anywhere else. Crosley, I love you.

Do you have a record player? Have you bought any vinyls? What is your favourite album at the moment?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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