You know me, I love a good candle (or twenty) so whenever I have a little bit of spending money in my back pocket, you can guarantee I’ll always come back with a scented candle in some shape or form. Homesense is my go-to store when I need to satisfy my candle cravings, as you can pick up so many at a discounted price for what would usually be one – needless to say, it’s a dangerous but divine addiction to have.

Okay, maybe it’s because I’ve hit that near-adulthood age but I really do think candles are the best present to give and receive, they make your home smell inviting depending on the season or mood – a warm cinnamon or cedar wood for winter, fresh mint and citrus in the summer, you cannot go wrong with making your house even more of a home.

As it’s Summer and nearly the height of wedding season, we sometimes forget about the important task of providing the happy couple with a well-wished gift to celebrate their new chapter together. Now I for one think candles are an amazing choice for a wedding present because with marriage comes settling into a home together, creating a place that reflects you both and makes you super excited to come home to every day, and having candles dotted around the house can make the environment just feel that bit more relaxing and personal.

Like a signature fragrance, burning a candle in one home is different to another, the scent reflects comfort and memories which makes settling down to relax in various rooms a new experience every time. I personally love the Everyday Luxe Bath Candle* burning each time I have a soak or pamper evening as it has a deep masculine undertone similar to Amber and Patchouli but with a fresh cleanliness to it with Lemon and Basil, it makes me feel safe, relaxed and totally zoned out when treating myself after a long week – necessary, always burn these types of candles!

Granted, both the Vanilla Mint Candle* and Lemon Mint Candle* are exactly what it says on the tin – fresh, clean and zesty, perfect for injecting a kick of summer time season to your kitchen, living room or bedroom. Mint instantly makes your surroundings feel clean and pure, so if ever need to perk up your room quickly, a minty candle is your best bet – absolute winner, can candles do no wrong?!

So if you’re struggling with gift inspiration for an upcoming wedding, or whether you want to add an extra little something to your present pile for someone special, candles will help make somebody’s house a home and when you can buy high quality, handmade candles at brilliant discount prices, what more convincing do you need?

Are you a fan of candles? Have you attending any weddings so far this summer? Do you shop at Homesense often?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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