I’ve built up quite the collection of lipsticks over five years of dedicated beauty loving, the fact they have their own brimming drawer in my MUJI storage is enough to speak volumes, but sometimes you can’t get enough of a good thing. What my extensive collection has taught me though is which shades suit my cool-yellow toned complexion, brightening the face and teeth whilst looking totally fabulous any season or occasion. 

Today, I’ve narrowed it down (just) to some of my favourites for a ‘best of the best’ that you should have in your own collection – if you can resist adding any of these to your wishlist, I commend you, you strong willed babe.

What’s a lipstick collection without a good red – answer, it’s not a collection – and I’ve definitely got a few faves; the ultimate blue-toned lipstick that never fails is of course MAC Russian Red, the blue-tone brightening the smile and whole face for a classic day look or striking evening sophistication, plus the formula stays put for hours so you won’t need to worry about it fading. If you still want something matte, but a bit more budget friendly, I adore Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balm in Sultry – it has great longevity and is easy to reapply, plus can we discuss the wind up feature?! NARS take note…speaking of NARS, I do love their Bahama Matte Lip Pencil which is slightly more brown than Sultry but is super matte and great for an autumn edge to any red lip. Very drying, so make sure you use a balm at least 2 minutes before applying.

Berry shades are about as pink and warm toned as I’ll get, but the right mix of dusty brown and pink makes it super flattering for cool tones. Lipstick Queen Sigh is the perfect mix of blue and purple undertones with a berry base, flecks of metallic that all sheers out beautifully for a lovely tinted pout – the transparency of the lipstick makes it the perfect wash of colour on a no-makeup day, and you can reapply without a mirror (thank lord). A very similar shade and effect is Oriflame The ONE Triple Core Lipstick in Dazzling Plum*, however I would say it’s slightly more opaque. The colour is a winner, yet the formula and packaging needs some work which lets it down slightly. Another Oriflamme lipstick that takes us nicely into the more pink offerings is the The ONE Colour Unlimited Matte Lipstick in Forever Plum*, which is more cream-sheen in formula but smudged into the lips or popped on top of a darker liner gives a gorgeous moisture and depth to the lips.

I mentioned pink, so I present to you the pinkest pink – I’ve mentioned Barry M Lipstick in 145 enough times now, but long-lasting matte formula with the perfect blue-toned base to suit so many complexions, you can’t go wrong right? Another bold smile brightener is the equally discussed MAC Morange, the cool and true orange base really catches your eye, makes you look tanned (result) and has a formula second to none. The perfect summer shade if you were looking for one by the way. Bold is the theme here, and there’s nothing bolder than a purple which kicked off my obsession with blue toned lipsticks. A throwback to the one that started it all, Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in Midnight Plum which has flecks of blue metallic in the formula to really make that smile catch your eye. It needs a bit of layering to get the right opacity, so arm yourself with a liner and some Lipcote and it’s stay all night. The boldest purple award has to go to Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balm in Shameless, as it really is Crayola purple on the lips – it’s loud, it’s bright, and it’s the perfect balance of magenta, purple and blue to make any simple outfit look 1000000x cooler. I really need to wear this more often, but come the summer evenings, it won’t be leaving my lips.

Finally the nudes, and it took me a few years to finally find ‘the one’, the one being Chanel Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle; it really is the perfect ‘your lips but better’ formula which Chanel have nailed, and you can get a good few hours wear out of it but application is a breeze, and it will suit you all year long – worth the price especially if you wear a nude lip daily! Tight on budget? Sleek luckily has a great dupe (which I mentioned here) in the form of their True Colour Lipstick in Liqueur*, a more champagne gold shade but nonetheless a very similar formula. This one is more suited the summer when you have some colour going on, but over a brown or dusty rose liner, it’s a beautiful wash of colour for any month.

Lipsticks and nail polish, the two things I hoard and hold most dearly to my heart, and if this post is anything to go by then the obsession isn’t slowing down yet. If you’re a cool toned babe, then get researching those blue-based formulas to compliment your skin-tone – whatever lands in your shopping basket afterwards is totally not my responsibility (just pick up a spare for me too please?)

Have you ever shopped for a lipstick based on your skin-tone? What is your favourite formula and shade? Will you be trying any cool toned lipsticks?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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