There’s so much I love about summer food – it’s fresh, clean, and it becomes habit that you throw things on the BBQ or into loads of bowls to pick at for hours on end whilst the sun beams down on you, and in reality it doesn’t get much better than that. 

When I ate meat I found it hard to get on board with BBQ smokey taste to burgers, it always put me off and to this day BBQ smoked anything is enough to make my nose go ‘OH HELL NO’, however I took a chance on this Encona Korean BBQ Marinade* seeing as I’m all for trying something new and I like all things spicy. Thankfully, it paid off as this is in no way smokey, instead it’s like the grown up and mature version of sweet chilli sauce that you could easily layer over anything in your cupboard, fridge, maybe some bread even.

So compiling my love of BBQ food selections and Korean BBQ Marinade, I’ve created the ultimate superfood side salad to go with whatever you’re grilling this summer, and I promise you it’ll be a hit.


1 Large Handful of Kale | 1 Handful of Spinach | 3 Medium Carrots | Quinoa/Rice/Bulgar Wheat/Cous Cous | 8 Small Tomatoes | 4cm Chunk of Cucumber | Encona Korean BBQ Marinade* | 1 Beetroot | 2 Spring Onions | 1 Sprig of Mint | Sumac Spice | Olive Oil | Lemon Juice

1. In an oiled pan, slowly soften the kale on a low heat and sprinkle in the Sumac. Chop your carrots into quarters and shave until you have noodles, adding into the kale to heat up slowly.

2. Dice up all your cold salad extras – mint, cucumber, spring onion, tomatoes, beetroot – and set aside whilst the kale and carrots cook.

3. Turn the pan to a medium heat and add in your chosen base (I’ve gone for quinoa, obviously). Be generous with the marinade, adding in as many tablespoons as you desire until it’s the right heat and flavour for you, and let it all cook thoroughly.

4. When everything is cooked through, turn off the heat and add in the spinach to wilt whilst you prep the salad bowl and cold ingredients. Add all the ingredients to the bowl, toss through with some oil and lemon for zing, and serve up the goodness!

Visually colour, nutritionally packed with vitamins and good stuff, plus it’s the perfect side to any good grill – hey, if you’re feeling crazy, just eat the whole bowl yourself, I won’t judge you. BBQ flavours, we may have got off to a bad start, but you’ve definitely made your mark on my summer snacking.

What are you cooking on the BBQ this summer? Will you be trying new flavours this year? Are you ready for long, lazy days eating in the sunshine?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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