Whether you’re finding it hard to write a post or feel like your content isn’t as driven as usual, there are many ways you can quickly turn your blog-slog back round become completely focused on the posts you’re creating. 

Staying focused on you blog can feel hard sometimes when you want to produce the best work possible, so here are seven easy ways you can start this week with a new mindset and passion for your little space on the internet.

1. Have breaks

Whether it’s a ten minute trip to the kitchen for some food, one day off a week to relax and detox from the internet, or allowing yourself a week to reset and refocus on yourself, having a break can really make the world of difference. There have been times for me where I’ve struggled to write the simplest of posts, but just taking myself out of office for 15 minutes really lets my brain chill and come back refreshed and clearer.

2. Schedule activities

Blocking off time to do some photography, research, or playing around with possible outfits can help you think of new ways to present your content, and let whatever work you’re struggling with take a back seat for a few hours until you find the mental energy to complete it properly.

3. Vary content

Lots of people have a niche these days which is really great, but if you’re feeling stuck, consider something new! Constantly posting OOTDs? Switch up the location or theme, or maybe try some outfit flatly posts to show how you can wear a piece different ways (plus, score some extra Instagram points). If you love beauty, shop your stash or do something a bit throwback to add an edge to your post, vary the types of beauty your writing about and your blog will flow a lot more organically. Lifestyle is pretty easy, so scheduling set types of posts for different days will give your readers something new to read each day you post.

4. Make changes often

This could be as simple as changing your display picture, updating your logo, or switching around your theme. Everybody loves a a ‘new thing’ so small simple changes can make your blog feel fresh and professional, consequently making you want to do more with your work!

5. Connect

Get on Twitter, reply to notifications, do some FF posts, ask questions, respond to other people’s questions, share something on Instagram, send a lol-worthy photo to your WhatsApp group – get connecting and talking with others about ideas or just daily habits, and you’ll feel inspired about your blog again when you see how many awesome people share the same interests as you.

6. Write about your passions

Pretty obvious right, but if there’s something you love that you’re worried won’t fit, just go for it! Your blog is your place to discuss what you like, and whether people click or not is irrelevant – your passion will shine and that is what will captivate readers. Share a recipe, a foodie haven, maybe some of your all-time favourite albums – get chatting and you may find others who love the same things.

7. Spend time developing ideas

I believe the key to focusing fully on your blog is to know what’s going on with it, and having an editorial calendar and notepad to list all your upcoming ideas and posts works wonders. Once a week or so, I spend a few hours planning and brainstorming ideas for videos, posts, things that I want to talk about or should be shared, and this can lead to other things you hadn’t even considered. When you feel stuck, shut the laptop and open up your notebook – see what ideas inspire!

Staying focused on your blog can help you love it more and more, and a reignited passion for your work will be recognised by your readers, so give yourself the time and space to prep ideas and connect with others, and you’ll soon be feeling more motivated than ever.

How do you stay focused on your blog? What tricks keep your content flowing? How are spending your time this week improving your work?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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