There’s a new addition to my breakfast bowl that’s making me pretty excited, you could even say I’m buzzing – okay, that pun was bad, but Bee Pollen has flown into my morning porridge and made it taste amazing during these summer months. It has a mellow honey taste to it but it’s no sweet in the slightest – pollen in its raw deep form, with a slight taste of…caramel almost? It’s so hard to describe and concentrate on it whilst you’re chowing down.

As with any new addition to my meals, I like to do my research on the health benefits behind the superfood to keep informed and to also share the goodness with you lovely lot, making sure what we’re eating or thinking about eating will do our bodies some real good. Get your antennas ready, we’re off to pollenate some health information!

1. It’s a natural energy enhancer

Due to the naturally occurring sources of Vitamin B, carbohydrates and protein, Bee Pollen is a fab way to keep your body going for longer by increasing your stamina and fighting fatigue – something we all need Monday morning and Friday afternoon right?

2. It can help soothe your organs and smooth your skin

Bee pollen is used in topical treatments that aim to treat inflammatory conditions or skin irritations like eczema. The amino acids and vitamins present help protect the skin and regenerate damaged cells, plus the anti-inflammatory properties can have an affect on your lungs to calm onsets of asthma.

3. Pollen can treat allergies – please save me from hay fever!

Tests conducted on respiratory diseases such as allergies, asthma and sinus problems found that Bee Pollen successfully cleared the problems of 94% of patients due to it reducing the presence of histamine in the body!

4. It aids your digestive system

Alongside all the lovely vitamins, nutrients and minerals, Bee Pollen contains enzymes that keep your digestive system working to full potential, whilst also ensuring you absorb all the nutrients you need from food eaten.

5. Bees boost your Immune System!

The main reason I was keen to try Bee Pollen was the great immune system support. The anti-biotic properties can help the body’s defence systems protect against viruses, plus it also helps support the intestinal flora and is rich in antioxidants that support the cells from the damaging oxidation of free radicals in your system.

6. It can treat cravings and addictions

Want to curb your sugar habit? Maybe you have an impulse to grab a cheeky takeaway – Bee Pollen can help you maintain a balanced lifestyle by holistically healing and inhibiting cravings you may be experiencing.

7. Bee Pollen supports the Cardiovascular System

Due to it’s large concentrate of Rutin (an antioxidant bioflavonoid), Bee Pollen can help strengthen capillaries, blood vessels, assist with circulatory problems and correct cholesterol levels! It also helps prevent blood clots that can lead to harmful heart problems.

8. Pollen for Prostate!

Let’s give this one to the men – Bee Pollen can help you find relief with benign prostate hyperplasia, fighting that urge to frequently go to the toilet!

9. It can help fertility and balance your hormones

Whether you suffer with bad hormonal breakouts, PCOS, or are looking to start a family, Bee Pollen can help regulate your hormones and stimulate the ovaries back into regular function. It’s also known as quite the aphrodisiac, so skip the oysters and sprinkle this on your other half’s breakfast instead 😉

10. It can help with stress

Again, the great addition of Vitamin B helps combat high levels of stress and anxiety, allowing you to reset and relax once more. This combined with all of Bee Pollen’s other features helps bring your body into perfect balance!

Royal Green Superfood Bee Pollen*

And we all thought that bees were just there to make honey or buzz at us in the garden come summer ey? Bee Pollen goes to show that nature can do wonders for your insides and make even the outside look good too, and to prove so even more, queen bees survive off the pollen harvested alone, thereby living forty times longer than the average worker bee and laying 2000 eggs daily, so who can deny that Bee Pollen has amazing immunity and energy boosting properties? Health benefits, you’ve got me buzzing…

Have you tried Bee Pollen before? Will you be trying it with your breakfasts or smoothies any time soon? What food would you like to see next in the health benefits series?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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